Build a Hand From Zip Ties, Cardboard, and Fishing Line.


Introduction: Build a Hand From Zip Ties, Cardboard, and Fishing Line.

About: Just a financially challenged tinkerer/maker that has found out failure is the most important part of learning.

Hello Instructables Community! This is a prototype build of a hand made from cheap common materials. The end goal is to make an animatronic hand that can fingerspell ASL.

This is a near complete start to finish build with video in three parts. It might be best to listen to the intro and watch the rest at a high speed playback rate. This is my first instructable and I have learned a lot.

Thanks for watching



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    It's a bit dumbed down but this is about a hand made explore more of this website and you could find a bit of inspiration from it!!!

    Your comment to me in April just reminded me of a website that I found it makes a hand thing using string and straws!!! Shall find the link then send it to this comment section

    Thanks for the vote, follow and favorite!

    It looks like a fun project. You might be able to fit a thumb in using something to redirect the direction of the pull for the thumb from the side to down like the rest of the fingers. My computer doesn't want to play your voice very loud, have you considered doing this again with photos instead of video? It would also make it easier to save for future reference. Thanks.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm working on improving the presentation before submitting more instructables. Photos and overdubbing for the video sound like a good idea. Don't want the delivery getting in way of the message. Thanks again

    Jaesn I am looking around this contest trying to find one to vote for, just a few more to go but so far you might win my vote

    Hey tanksterbot! Thanks for commenting. Stay tuned to this channel for a future build of the thumb. This is a prototype of a cheap hand that will be able to fingerspell in American Sign Language. These are just the beginning prototypes which are testing the materials and concentrating on the finger movement. Please feel free to build a thumb and add to the project.
    The project i have in mind is to build a low cost, lightweight, resilient, low power, portable animatron that can sign in ASL. This is a HUGE project but the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. In this case, the first step is to build a hand that can fingerspell. And many steps are required to complete this part. If you can find time lend a hand. Thanks again, jaesn

    i didn´t make one yet, but i was thinking something like this
    [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] , like a zip..

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    Thanks for taking the time to make an image of your suggestion. I'll be following up this instructable with an improved palm that allows lateral movement of the fingers and save the thumb for another one once I get the palm and finger movements correct. The hardest finger movement to which i need to design for is crossing the index and middle finger.

    Thanks, lean04. I've been thinking about a similar solution which might require a rework of the palm. Thanks for commenting and post some pictures if you improve on the design!

    really cool!
    you could add some kind of wedge that goes down (between the fingers, towards the palm) to split the fingers...