A Multi-controlled High Precision Desktop Robotic Arm





Introduction: A Multi-controlled High Precision Desktop Robotic Arm

About: I am maker_studio and I love to build the robot of Arduino and DIY something fun. Here is something new&fun: kck.st/2q0eCUG

Update: Dobot's campaign is available on kickstarter now, and they just developed a new gripper with working range 1mm-45mm and updated a higher precision 3D printing project, if you're interested in it, you can go to their campaign page to have a look, you will get more infos there. Next, we wil share some interesting applications here:

Dobot is a desktop robot arm of high precision, multi-controller, and open-source. It is a desktop magician, made by cutting and CNC finished aluminium metal frame 6061. Its brain is ARDUINO panel, the heart is a stepper motor, and has functions of eyes and ears.

Dobot can be placed on a desktop to interact with you, and controlled by multiple methods.

Why we use aluminium metal 6061 for frame?

6061 is a stable material which can meet our needs and help us to develop it in the way what we want to.

What do we mean by "high precision"?

The repeat precision of Dobot is only 0.2 mm, that is to say when you command it move 6 mm it will finish this job perfectly.

What do we mean by "multiple control methods" ?

Dobot currently supports 7 methods to control the robot including mouse, mobile app, voice control, gesture control, leap motion, EEG (mind control) and visual identity.

It is high accuracy:

Handing tiny screwdrivers with Dobot perfectly.

Play Angry Birds with Dobot.

These two videos demonstrate Dobot's high precision even better than the uArm.

Have you seen any other consumer-level robotic arms that can do these things above?

Do writing and drawing perfectly:

Dobot can go through a labyrinth perfectly:

What would you like to try with Dobot? Please leave your ideas in the comment section, we will try to make it happen later!

If you are interested in this robotics arm, please click hereto get more details.

If you have any questions about this robot arm, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

Here I will show you how to build this high precision robot arm step by step.

Now let's start!

Step 1: Materials:

As you can see in the figure, we can use these materials to build the base, actuating arm, end effector and the motor. Then we can assemble them to build a desktop robotic arm.

If you want to get these materials, you can click here to get a Dobot package.

Step 2: Tools:

See the figure, what we need are one hammer, a few tweezers and two small allen wrenches.

Step 3: Build the Base:

Compare the first figure with the second one, use tools we have mentioned in the previous step to build the base.

Step 4: Build the Actuating Arm of the Middle Arm:

Comparing two figures, use the materials left from the first figure and the tools to build actuating arm in the second figure.

Step 5: Build the Arduino Panel and Motor:

Build the motor and the Arduino motor as the same way in step 4.

Step 6: Build the End Effector and Finally Assemble a Desktop Robot Arm:

First, build the end effector as the same way in step 4. Then, combine the end effector, the actuating arm, the base and the motor to assemble a whole desktop robot arm.

Step 7: Assemble the Other Fitting:

You can connect this robot arm with the other fitting like 3D printting and PTZ camera and mecanum wheels. It can become a multifunctional robotic arm.

Next time I will show you more interesting instructable with Dobot arm like playing piano with Dobot, pouring a bottle of water for a man who focuses on studying and so on.

If you are interested in such desktop robot arm, please click the Follow so that you can get the latest news about us and Dobot.

Thanks for your reading.



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    4 months ago

    can you send me file cad this robot, please.

    This is more an add for your kit than it is anything else. Why not post an actual instructs me for those of us who want to DIY one. You're hardly going to lose a significant number of sales by allowing us to build our own!

    Hello , Can I know the exact type of the steppers please ?

    CAD files pls. My email: razorman0506@gmail.com


    2 years ago

    helo can you send cad drawing dobot hoangvu.ctk@gmail.com

    Thanks so mach!


    2 years ago

    helo can you send cad drawing dobot hoangvu.ctk@gmail.com

    Thanks so mach!

    helo can you send cad drawing dobot (kadirerkekli@hotmail.com) thanks

    helo can you send cad drawing dobot (kadirerkekli@hotmail.com) thanks

    grabcad is not working could someone send me the files to etienne57620@gmail.com.



    2 years ago

    Anyone succeed on building this as opensource.Im looking for the arduino shield and code.Is it possible to use ramps for this purpose?

    The files are no longer available on GrabCad is it possible that you can please post them. This is the error message you get when you try to click on the GrabCad Link

    Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 4.05.13 PM.png

    grabcad is not working could someone send me the files to ppm@techie.com.


    Hey, any updates on the code release? I really would love getting the arduino sketches. I love the hardware, but the software is really nothing I can work with. Any news on how to obtain it?

    Why not add an actual instructable? This is just a brief list of images. Also you state it's open source. Where are your files?

    1 reply

    All the original SolidWorks files have been posted on GrabCAD.

    Now you can download and DIY one.All the firmware is based on four-wire two phase step motor and controled by Arduino Mega 2560 and is compatible with reprap. Few days later its code will be posted on github.