Picture of Build a nutcracker
This instructable describes how to build a nutcracker that is cheap, nice looking and that really works!

LI 1020BR

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
- A transformer taken out of an old usv. Mine was from a LI 1020BR from Best.
- A stone, a really nice on, mine was from a beach on teneriffe, from my last holidays
- Nuts ...
Not what I was looking for, Embarrassing for the instructables..
moein4 years ago
sorry but that was ...
wtp19815 years ago
hahaha! Best instructable ever! Nice music.. bytheway!
janw5 years ago
It seem to work. lol
Blackice5045 years ago
That poor Transfomer it could be put to good use in a invertor or a nice psu. :'( its a big one as well hard to find because people like small crappy ones.
Divotfiller6 years ago
why don't you just short the primary and secondary and blow them up.
arikyeo6 years ago
anyway... nice sense of humour dude...
Patrik7 years ago
Wait - where's the wire diagram explaining how you hook the transformer up to the stone? ;-)
arikyeo Patrik6 years ago
yeah i agree with you...
frickelkram (author)  Patrik7 years ago
Ahhhh - right ... I knew I forgot something .... ;-)
Akiro6 years ago
good prank!
I use fire crackers
DonQuijote7 years ago
no offense, but this was waaay below my expectations. for two reasons. people that do not have enough fantasy to find two hard objects to smash shelled fruits are mentally challenged, and therefore need help from sources they can trust more than you should trust something someone can write on a website somewhere on the internet. an instructable can be forced into this step, when you add, that the surface you smash can be on a soft surface, as your lap for example....., as long as it is heavy enough to develop enough inertia when being hit through the nut with your handheld weight. i use for example a flat metal piece, about 3 kg heavy, to crack nuts in my lap while watching tv. my nutcracker broke down. then, you can possibly add another comment, about the handheld piece of the machinery. it should be heavy enough not to bounce back, and light enough so that you can lift it without getting tired after your first five nuts. its mainly trial an error. then, it should fit comfortably in your hand, for the same reason. its shape must be appropriate, or it should have a handle. like a hammer for example.... the second reason why this instructable disappoints me is that i expected some kind of device that cracks nuts for itself. perhaps by the same principle, with an automatic lifting device of the stone..... that should drop it from different heights....adjustable of course.. and a conveyer belt to keep bringing nuts.... but hey, that's just my fantastic piece of machinery, so this unfulfilled expectation goes on my account....
This guy for real? It was a joke.
It is'nt easy to build,only for experienced craftsman ,but very useful,good also for fingercracking !
ummmm, how is this " Nice looking " ? It kinda looks like it came from the side of a highway...
pingeee7 years ago
It's kinda lame, but funny I like it
Cool Instructable, I used to have one when I was small, but then it broke. :-(