Build a Nutcracker





Introduction: Build a Nutcracker

This instructable describes how to build a nutcracker that is cheap, nice looking and that really works!

LI 1020BR

Step 1: What You Need

- A transformer taken out of an old usv. Mine was from a LI 1020BR from Best.
- A stone, a really nice on, mine was from a beach on teneriffe, from my last holidays
- Nuts ...

Step 2: Build an Use It

Take the transformer out of the usv and place it on the table.
Get the nuts and put them beside the transformer.
Take one nut place it onto the transfomer.
Take the stone and hammer onto the nut.
Yummy ... :-)

By the way you can use the transformer other ways too ... i use it for welding ...



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    sorry but that was ...

    caveman style!

    thank you .

    though cavemen were cool

    Not what I was looking for, Embarrassing for the instructables..

    hahaha! Best instructable ever! Nice music.. bytheway!


    It seem to work. lol

    That poor Transfomer it could be put to good use in a invertor or a nice psu. :'( its a big one as well hard to find because people like small crappy ones.

    why don't you just short the primary and secondary and blow them up.

    anyway... nice sense of humour dude...

    Wait - where's the wire diagram explaining how you hook the transformer up to the stone? ;-)