Sword-fighting Martial Arts Practice Dummy That Fights Back!


Introduction: Sword-fighting Martial Arts Practice Dummy That Fights Back!

Boy's been doing kendo for about a year now and I saw a photo of a kendo practice dummy and thought we could knock up something similar in an afternoon with just the bits we had lying around. And it works! Articulated in three places! Fights back!!! (This is for an eight year old, but you could adjust the height and happily build a bigger one for an adult. Happy to answer any questions about it.)

Full instructions here: http://baddadgreatkid.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/build-your-own-kendo-practice-dummy-for.html

Website: http://baddadgreatkid.blogspot.co.uk - for kids who aren't wrapped in cotton wool



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    Awesome. simple design looks easy to make too. i started kendo about 2 years ago so i'm probably about the same level as your son. i can totaly see the use in this and can also see that using this as a base desgin you could easly add bogu and other functions to make it as complicated as you wanted. i was mulling some designs around in my head but your solution is so much simpler and to the point. well done. question, hows the padding on the shinai? any noted wear?

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    The two are as diverse as kickball and baseball. The kendo fighting sword called a shinai is a straight competing sword intended to be a safe representation of the katana. swords for sale

    Thanks - he's not left it alone since we built it!

    Ha, I would'nt have either! I remember a few years ago, I had just started reading Young Samurai and I was obsessed with all things Japanese. I ate my cereal with chopsticks, made one of those hats and even made my own sword... It was great fun.