Build a precision bicycle wheel truing stand for less than fifty bucks


Step 9: Adding a roundness indicator.

Picture of Adding a roundness indicator.
The Spin Doctor stand supposedly has a roundness indicator, but it's pretty worthless. It's impossible to move it small distances, and it is wide enough to touch both edges of the rim. It's also next to impossible to keep it accurately pressed against the rim to find dips.

We will just add one screw onto the original roundness indicator. Note that it is preferable to have a roundness indicator that just touches one side of the rim. It is impossible for a rim to be perfectly even on both sides of the rim, so trying to touch both sides at once is both confusing and inaccurate. By making one edge perfectly round, the other with be as round as possible as well.

The first step is simply to put two nuts on our third bolt, about an inch apart.