Well now that's it's 2010 I figured I should make a new instructable, so here we go....

The following is the steps I used to build a production quality screen printing table with a built in developing station for the screens. A few of the major pieces are either things I had around, or things that I found. I hope to give you an idea of how to build your own, but keep in mind that I may not be able to give you very good options for some of the supplies.

Step 1: Materials and Such.

The base for this table is actually another table. It was an old display table from a retail store that we had been using as a dining room table, but slowly became a work table. The top had gotten really beat and I never felt like refinishing it. Now, I don't have to because it's got a whole new top. Yay! Anyway, materials in list form:

1 table (if you skipped the words up above this probably sounds dumb)
2 sheets of 1/2 inch MDF
1 sheet 1/4 inch MDF
4 sections of 4x4 cut to the height of the base table
3-4  UV lights with fixtures
2 mending brackets
1 roll of 1/2 inch industrial felt in the size of the table you want to build
1 roll of raw canvas long enough and wide enough to cover table
Black out cloth
Staple gun and staples
Glue gun
Screws, nails, etc.
Paint brush
White glue
Small bucket or something, maybe a bowl, or deep saucer... you know, a vessel of some sort.
twill tape
Maybe a little frilly trim if you're into it

* The felt came from a school that was recovering all of their screen printing tables, and was going to throw it away. Apparently, they do it every few years, so I would recommend asking around at your local art school to see if they do the same thing. I'm sure you could buy this somewhere, probably online.

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