Having completed the ray gun prop, I spoke to the model for the Android bodypaint series and we decided that a sexy Sci-Fi girl needed a REALLY BIG gun. So I set about building some kind of pulse rifle.

This has turned into a labour of love and took FAR longer to complete than I would have thought possible at the outset.

Construction is 90% card with a few plastic bits and some bits and bobs of detailing. The main structure is a series of boxes glued together, a load of car body filler and finished with strips of card and a cool paint job.

The card I have used is high density 'show card', and high density card will do, the main structure is 1.5mm thick card (about 1/16") with the surface panels made of cereal packets.

Step 1: Barrel Housing

The rifle is made in sections. I know little or nothing about real guns so I made this design as a hybrid of a few actual prop guns (Aliens and Starship Troopers) plus some game prototype designs I found on the net.

I wanted the final gun to be about 1 metre or 3 feet long. I used that as the basis of the gun and just made up the design as I went along, sketching each section as I went.

The main barrel housing is simply a rectangular box. I cut the top, bottom, two sides and two ends allowing for the thickness of the card in my calculations. Since the gun needs to be reasonably robust I added two internal spacer pieces.
Yet another confusing instructable. Can some explain to me what he means? I panic easily over small things. This looks great, but it's confusing.
Which part are you finding confusing? If you let me know maybe I can help.
Na... It's okay, I don't want to waste your time
This looks a lot like the Pulse Rifle from Tremulous :D
Pulse Rifle and Tremulous ftw! :D
Eh, massdriver > prifle. You play Trem much? (I usually play 1.1 on AA)
... or the pulse rifle from the alien movies?!
or the assault rifle from that most entertaining yet terribly made computer game, Chrome Specforce.
Now when you say 'card' do you mean like Cardstock?
I have no idea what it's known as in the States. The main card type used here is known as 'Mountboard' if that helps. It's supplied by Daler Rowney as a border matt for mounting watercolours.
most excellent =)<br>
This is the best.......
The pulse rifle from the Aliens movie was a combination between a Thomson SMG and a SPAS 12 shotgun. <br><br>I do like the look of yours.<br><br>Have you seen this?<br>http://aliens.humlak.cz/aliens/aliens_papirove_modely/aliens-m41_gb.html
&quot;They mostly come out at night. Mostly&quot;.
Game over man! Game over!
I lost the game...
Wow, nice design

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