Step 2: Start building!

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This was my third attempt at making this boat. The first didn't work because all the circuitry was exposed and water splashed onto it. The second one was more elevated but only balanced on two 20 ounce coke bottles. It flipped in the bathtub. Whatever you do, make sure that your boat's "brain" is hidden from the water. I put all the circuitry into an old butter container. If my boat flips, water will probably leak in, but at least it's splash proof. The butter top is part of the boats hull, all the electric stuff is glued into the tub part, that way it can be easily removed.

The first thing i did was stick the main chip inside the butter tub. I then made a hole for the wires that lead to the engine and another for the antenna. I waterproofed them with a glue gun (I actually did all the pasting and waterproofing with my glue gun.)

I then punched a hole through the back with one of the steel push rods. The push rod is attached to the servo and will control the rudder. This is the only hole I didn't waterproof since the push rod needs to move back and forth through it. It's small enough to not be a problem though.

Next, I built a tail and rudder from some unused ziploc Tupperware. The hinge was a problem though. It needed to be strong enough to handle the push and pull of the push rod, but pliable, since the servo isn't that strong. I ended up using the hinge of a Tic-Tac box top. The hinge is a live hinge, because it has no moving parts, just a flexible polypropylene membrane. I aligned the hinge with the push rod since it would be absorbing the push rod's force. The top hinge is just some scotch tape. I pasted a little tab onto the rudder side of the hinge and attached the push rod to it. When the servo pulls, the rudder turns to starboard, when pushed, the rudder turns to port.

Next, I cut out the flat side of the tic tac box (to minimize air resistance) and used it as an engine mount. I hot glued the engine to the top. When used, the engine gets hot, but not hot enough to melt the glue or weaken it significantly. The engine and controls of the boat are now complete.
vishal.12345 years ago
 hey.....how is tht push rod makin a turn ....how did u make the contact link between...the tic tac hinge n the tail fin....please ...can u give a brief abt tht....
do you live in Bristol-uk? kuz i think i know u...im richard? recognise the name?