DO NOT sail if you cant swim!

Hi guys, I'm publishing yet a new instructable of something made last May (2011) Its the project i did right after the Gondorian armor you can view at This link
Its something that was born out of desire for sailing and being on water. Buying a boat would be extremely costly, so i ended up saying "How hard can it be?"

This is in a way less tedious (chainmaille) to make than the armour. However it required a totaly different level of ingenuity because of the the various problems arising from things such as sail rigidity, and water-proofing (those things can can be easily done, but can they easily be done with a lack of tools and on the cheap?) among others you may encounter yourself.
This time i moved out of my room into the garage to build this, partly because my room was too small and because it created a lot of chaos.

The amount of tools required here is surprisingly low. I had a saw, a drill and a measuring tape (as well as painting tools and protective gear and pliers etc the usual small tools) The boat was built entirely from my head (I drew stuff down of course) without any marine knowledge of any sorts when i began (google searches quickly remedied that) The only thing i knew how to do was sail a boat. The rest came as i went. 

Most boats cost in the thousands of dollars to buy, and sail boats can cost in the tens of thousands (of course depending on size and materials, you will pay more for a boat made from mahogany compared to a boat made from a cheaper wood). I am offering you an instructable that lets you make a boat that is perfectly water worthy, for under 500$ (That excludes the cost of tools if you don't have them, and DOES NOT mean 499$, it means somewhere under 500$ depending on where you live) However there is a down side to this instructable. Once again, this was done a while ago, and at that time i had little knowledge of instructables and didn't think to take photos of every step. I did go down to my garage yesterday to take as many productive photos as i could to benefit the audience here.

Speaking of going down to my garage, (this was built 1.5 years ago) when i uncovered the boat it was in the same state as it was when i initially finished it in May of 2011, so this design is pretty durable as well. 

This will not be as cheap as other stuff on instructables, however its well worth it if you live near a constant body of water (By constant i mean something that doesn't fluctuate with tide, as that will mess up your timetable, and may leave you stuck in the mud) 
You must view this instructable from a different point of view. Its Cheap for boats. Its like buying a 10$ coke can, thats way expensive for Coke cans. However, a 10c Coke can would be cheap. It all depends on perspective. 

I understand not everyone uses the metric system, so i will convert as many values as possible into the imperial system (inches, lbs feet) 

Reasons for why i made this:
  • I went sailing last summer, and missed sailing a lot, and wanted to sail in a boat whenever i wanted to, not only when i went to the beach. Buying a boat was too expensive so i just said "leme make one"
  • I Just love building stuff, and would build stuff anyways had i not made this boat. 
  • It was a new challenge, and i love taking stuff on where limits my are stretched
  • Sailing is an awesome and relaxing experience, that takes your minds of the stresses of life. 
Now enough of my blabbering, on to the fun stuff. 

Step 1: Safety (common sense)

All right guys. Before we begin (and i know i have already stated this at the start) Please wear protective gear. As my warning at the start of this instructable may not be enough, i will outline in more detail what exactly i mean. 

You will be handling tools that spin at high Rpm as well as sharp objects. You will also be working with some solvents, so pleasework in well ventilated areas. Take extreme care and dont rush your work. When sailing the boat take aproptiate safety measures and try not to sail in the winter as it is a bit cold. 

Please read the following. 
  • ALWAYS have a first aid kit near you. 
  • When building the boat. Wear thick gloves and protective glasses, as well as long sleeved shirts and trousers. 
  • Your clothes should be of low quality and cheap as they will most definitely get ruined by the paint. 
  • When painting, wear a gas mask and preferably do it in a well ventilated area.
  • If you chose to go via fiberglass, make sure everything the resin touches is disposable, and you do it in a ventilated area with a gas mask. ALSO, Please read up on fiberglass before you use it. 

  • When sailing, wear a life vest, and don't sail in open water (as in the sea or ocean, lakes dont count) 
  • If you do go sailing, have a friend somewhere nearby with a rowboat or a motorboat to rescue you should you (god forbid) sink. 
  • If you do happen to plunge into the water, swim to shore and take some clothes off (within reason) so that you can dry out faster. 

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