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Introduction: Build a Simple LEGO Starter Robot

This is NOTCH, a simple LEGO robot with many attachment points for connecting more motors and sensors. NOTCH is also works with LEGO EV3 and can be built with LEGO NXT 1.0, NXT 2.0, NXT EDUCATION edition, LEGO EV3 home edition, and EV3 EDUCATION edition. (WOW)


Notch is a LEGO MINDSTORMS robot built to easily switch front attachment. This fact makes it very good for fll competitions. By the way, please DO NOT use this robot for competing, I posted this instructable for educational uses only!

Step 1: Wheel Base


Sorry, no parts list this time. :-(

Step 2: Right Base

The ball wheel can be replaced with something else. (see step 7)

Also, at first the NXT was held straight up on the motor base, but I had to tilt it because of balance issues and so it could clear a wire in the 2013 FLL competition.

Step 3: Left Base

This holds up the NXT with he help of steps 2, 4, and 5.

Step 4: Left Support

This supports the left side of the NXT brick by connecting it to the motor system.

Step 5: Right Support

This supports the right side of the NXT brick by connecting it to the motor system.

Step 6: Completing the Robot

Finally we need to assemble all the parts into the final robot.

A note, Photos 6/7 - you need to add these blue pegs here to hold the motors on.

All thats left is to program..... different instructable. 

Step 7: EV3 Time (Bonus!)

you can build notch with other mindstorms sets, but you would need to change the ball wheel design. ( I made a skid with the EV3 home set )

if you build notch with EV3 home edition you will haft to replace the large tires with racing tires. you will also need to replace ball wheel with a skid and and move the angular beam down because of the new motor design.



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    Maybe you can make a working lego transformer! It doesn't have to be fancy, as long as it transforms, that's good enough for me!

    To tell the truth, this robot doesn't have any sensors. (unless you count the rotation sensors) But here are many places to attach them on it. here is a video of it working.

    P. S. I am about to upload a new robot instructable with sensors.