Step 10: SPARKS!!!

My marx generator works very well, it generates loud, bright, sparks that are up to 2 inches long (5 cm)! That is about 50Kv (50,000v) coming out of that thing!

Well I hope yours works when you build one! :)
And can you post a picture of your marx generator if you build one?

To let you know, all of the photos that has a few sparks in a single picture are 4 second long exposures.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable, and enjoy the photos down below! And the video I just uploaded!

Comment if you need help, have question, or anything! I like comments!

(UPDATE) I just uploaded a video of my marx generator working, sorry for the poor quality with no sounds, I had used my crappy camera. :(

people just tell me how can we make a marx generator powered by 18 v battery...
what will i have to do if i want it to run by 18volts only . please give me complete configuration.
ptempel4 years ago

This is really imperessive. One question: Would you sell your MG?
Reply to pierretempel@gmail.com

Shrix1576 years ago
I was just looking up coil guns, and funny i stumbled upon this awesome device. Have you ever considered the possibilities this could have in a coil gun? High voltage with High Amperage with a low "pulse time" could give one hell of a kick to a coil gun. Just an idea, don't even no if it would work...
each one of these capacitors is only .008 joules so this is just a .08 joule pulse high voltage but sadly low amperage :/ photo flash capacitors are 4-9 joules each (for scale)
just put a coil where the spark would be and Kaboom!
Kryptonite6 years ago
Sweet, over powered electricity, I like it. What can you actually use one of these for though? (I meen apart from a sweet electric zap.)
RLDMICRO7 years ago
A great Instructable! Very clear and easily dooable! I have a Basic Electrical Theory Question: Why are the spark gaps needed? Seems like all those sparks somehow "subtract" from the total output of the Marx.
Plasmana (author)  RLDMICRO7 years ago
The spark gaps are really automatic high voltage switches to connect the capacitors in series (when they are fully charged) to multiply the voltage to get a long spark at the end of the marx generator.
robot7977 years ago
wow this is verry nice. so what you say about an inverter is it posible to use the inverter in a scanner (cold cathode lamp (tl tube))