Build a tv rack with an ikea lack table [ aka lackrack ]

Picture of Build a tv rack with an ikea lack table [ aka lackrack ]
My wife wanted me to clean up all the wires and junk around my tv cabinet.  After some google-ing and a quick trip to Ikea I build this.

I was inspired by: http://wiki.eth-0.nl/index.php/LackRack

I used there parts

Ikea LACK table: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40104270
Mid-atlantic storage shelf DC4:  http://www.middleatlantic.com/rackac/storage/drawers.htm

You should be finished in under 20 minutes.
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Step 1: What it used to look like

Picture of What it used to look like
This is just your typical entertainment center from target.  It has lots of space for tons of junk.

Step 2: Comparing old to the new

Picture of Comparing old to the new
Make sure your tv will be stable on the new table.  The stand for mine overhangs by an inch on both sides.

Step 3: Pre-stage the equipment

Picture of Pre-stage the equipment
Disconnect the equipment and make sure it'll look right

Step 4: Mount the equipment

Picture of Mount the equipment
I used a mid-atlantic DC4 as a shelf for my cable box.  The legs are a hollow-ish honeycomb so be careful driving screws into them.

Also the Scientific Atlanta 8300HD is known for being hot so give the vents on top some room to breath.

Step 5: Finish and Enjoy

Picture of Finish and Enjoy
I used the drawer to store my coax splitter and cable modem.  It will also house various odds and ends.