Picture of Build a very simple desk with only a Dremel (and a screwdriver)
You can build a desk with limited experience and only a Dremel, and a screwdriver.  A hardware store should be able to cut your wood.

I wanted to replace my desk with a much larger wooden one.  I have almost no building skills and am surprised this desk hasn't fallen over yet.  This is inspired by the saw horse desks that I have seen on Instructables.  I also have no other power tools, so I wanted to test what my seldom used Dremel was capable of.

This cost around $100 - $120 to build because I keep adding to it.  You can probably save money by shopping around or using reclaimed wood.

The basics you will need:
4"x4"s (four: measure the length you want for a desk, tip: 3 feet is taller than you'd think... oops)
1"x4"s (four)
a desk top (one: this could be a huge cost savings if you can find a door, plywood, or build your own out of many pieces of wood)
small steel corner braces (many, I found Stanley brand at Lowes, tip: probably don't need galvanized... I hope not)
screws (many)

This instructable allows you to be creative.  You can always use other size wood members, the ones I have listed appealed to me and seem to work well.  Arrange the wood members and steel braces in any configuration you want.  This is my way of getting out of writing very accurate details.

Step 1: Legs

Picture of Legs
I would have bought simple legs from Ikea if they were local or shipped to Alaska.

Instead, I built some out of 4"x4"s and 1"x4"s 

Arrange two parallel 4"x4"s and two parallel 1"x4"s perpendicular to the 4"x4"s 
Drill four pilot holes into the wood members (I guess this helps prevent wood splitting with screws)
Put together with screws

Are 4 screws too many?  Should you sand at some point? Probably.  

Plenty of nice details it has, congrats!
ebend123 years ago
so.... where did you get that poster?
akcook (author)  ebend123 years ago
Made it myself.
ebend12 akcook3 years ago
cool, is it alright if I sorta copy your idea? I know some one who would love it
akcook (author)  ebend123 years ago
Sure! I copied the idea from graffiti artists! I can make an instructable soon, if it's popular.