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What is Beach Winching?
Beach winching or wakeboard winching is a new sport that takes wakeboarding or wakeskateing anywhere. These winches have been taking over beaches and all over the US. This sport is a very addicting one so once you ride one you will want one, and everyone on the beach watching you will want to ride one. This is one of our DIY Plans that we have on our website. Check out www.beachwinches.com.

Enjoy the instructable!

Step 1: Parts List

Here is the list of all the parts you will need to complete this build. 

For a downloadable PDF file of this parts list click here.

Part Description:

  • Winch Frame
  • Winch Spool (Premade is suggested but can be made homemade)
  • 3X 1” Winch Hubs (Also called Go Kart Hubs if you search the web)
  • 1” Solid Winch Axle (Check our Beach Winches Store for custom cut axles)
  • Note: The length should be about the same as the overall width of your winch.
  • Backsplash (Can be metal or plastic but it is used to save your engine from getting wet)
  • 2X 1” Pillow Blocks (We sell these in our Store)
  • 6.5 HP or higher engine (Good engine selection at Harbor Freight and we sell our own in our store too)
  • Roller Fairlead (Check eBay for the cheapest price)
  • Non-stretchable winch line (Dyneema is the top of the line choice which is in our store but for cheaper alternative just make sure the line is non-stretchable and it should work fine. Check marine stores)
  • Centrifugal Clutch or Torque Converter (This is required for your winch to work properly and you have the choice for the cheap centrifugal clutch or the powerhouse torque converter)
  • 50-72 Tooth Sprocket for Axle ( Note: more teeth = more torque, less teeth = more speed.)
  • Wakeboard Handle (To attach to the non-stretchable line)
  • 5 ft Roller Chain (Make sure that you match the sprocket chain type for both the axle sprocket and your engine clutch sprocket. Choose either #35 or #40/41.)
  • Bolts, Nuts, and Threadlocker (You will need a couple of different sizes for bolts but make sure they are galvanized or stainless steel and threadlock EVERY BOLT.)

Optional Parts List:
  •  Wheels
  •  Truck Hitch Pins
  •  Thumb Throttle Kit
  •  Disk Brake Kit
This list should help you get you really started on building your own wakeboard winch. Be creative and have fun
building and enjoying your creation. Check out or Beach Winches Store for the hardest to find and make parts 
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<p>how much total steel did this take?</p>
<p>Can i get more axle information please, like what length, if you cut it, and how does it stay on the winch?</p>
Axle is 18 inches. Just solid aluminum rod. Also easy to cut to length too.
Loving your wake winch and your instuctables on it. Ive build one just like this and its all coming together now. I would like more info on your fairlead roller, what size is the openings from roll to roll and also what are the measurments from hole to hole??
Looks really good, was wondering if its powerfull enough to deep water start?
hey so i have my winch up and going and works great i tied it up to a big rock before going out on the water i was wondering if there is a way of having it just on sand? (like how to secure it in the sand?)<br>thanks
Yes you can, in this winch it has two legs in the back to dig into the sand or whatever. I also have two eyehooks in the back and have two long steel stakes that I hammer into the ground through the eyehooks. If you can't find long enough stakes buy a horseshoe kit and use the stakes in there and that will work great. Hope this helps.
hey i was also wondering is there a cheaper kind of rope i could use? would Polypropylene rope work? or do i need actual wakeboard rope?
This is the rope that I currently use. Works great! http://www.harborfreight.com/600-ft-x-1-4-quarter-inch-polypropylene-rope-47836.html
hey great directions thanks i was wondering what type of rod did you use to weld the frame with?
I used a flux core wire welder for the whole frame.
Hello, great instructable. <br>I have one question about the engine, is the shaft with a Keyway shaft or the threaded shaft??
Does this pull you like a boat towards shore?
Yes. With this winch you can wakeboard or wakeskate in places boats could not even go. It is addicting fun!
We have a creek that flows under our driveway and it has a huge culvert (12ft high i think) i could mount it on there and float down with the current and then have someone start it?
Absolutely! These winches are not bound by any restrictions. As long as you have enough run to ride safely then you can winch it!
I will have to get one of these and try it out(we have a straightaway for about 150 yards would that be good?)
Awesome, the winch looks great!

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