Picture of Build a wooden concrete bull float
I needed a bull float for some concrete work I was doing at home but didn't want to pay over $200.00 to get one. I didn't want to rent one because the projects were happening over a period of months which could cost me more than buying one. So using item from around the house I made a smaller version of what the pro's use, for about $5.00 or less.
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Step 1: Gathering Items needed

Picture of Gathering Items needed
The items need can vary in size depending on what hardware you have.
The items needed for this project are:
1) dust mop with removable handle
2) 3 eye bolts, if using a wooden handle use the screw in type if not use the bolt on type.
3) 4 drywall or wood screws
4) short piece of a 2x4
5) fence tacks
6) flexible wire cable
7) 1/2 to 1/4 sheet of 1/2 to 3/4 inch plywood
8) duct tape
9) 2 ferrules
10) (optional) metal lever

Tools need:
drill, drill bits ( sizes depend on hardware used), circular saw, square (I used 3 sizes), hammer, crescent wrench, pliers, channel locks, pencil, tape measure and wire cutters.

Step 2: Measuring and cutting

Picture of measuring and cutting
First removed the handle and mop cover from the dust mop, and tossed the mop cover.
Next measure the size of the mop head, mine was 3 feet long.
Next I marked and cut the plywood. I made mine 4 feet long and 18 !/2 inches wide.
The length I did because I didn't want it to be to long or heavy and the width was already cut from a past project so make it larger and wider if you want.

Step 3: Tacking it down

Picture of Tacking it down
Next I centered the mop head and tacked it down with fence tacks. You want to make sure the smooth side is down on the plywood. It will make a smoother finish on the concrete.
admiral0014 years ago
Good idea. as a concrete guy, i suggest making the float in a flattened oval shape like the frame you used. it'll keep the corners from digging in and put a little more downwards pressure on the edge. very good 'able