Step 5: Nail it!

Picture of Nail it!
Go to the back of the tree where the rope is touching the tree. Then nail in lots of nails into the rope. The more you use the less likely it is to break so be generous. I used cable staples as well as nails but that is optional. When you are done release pressure on the winch and the rope should stay tight. if not try again and put more nails in.
kumiiyo3 years ago
this looks hella unsafe.
Just a FYI nailing into a rope that you found is not necessarily a good idea. Each nail breaks fibers on a tensioned rope and can cause the rope to fail under load. It may work in the mean time but your kind of exposing yourself to a bit of liability. A fall of greater then twice the height of a child can be fatal and if you add lateral motion to that there is a significant method of injury. Im not trying to be a downer on your fun but a metal cable that is properly anchored would be a better choice that is less likely to kill you.