I wanted to build a Pinata that could withstand some very "celebratory" people. This Pinata was made in my basement. Due to the drying times between layers, it took over 3 weeks to complete. This was a summer in SC., so you know it was hot hot hot! Imagine    how long it would take in more cold and humid climates?!

Step 1: Design

The first step of course is to decide what you want your Pinata to be. Here is the sketch of my Pinata this was for my wonderful wife's 30th birthday. This is a design that she drew on everything during her teenage years, she even has a tattoo of it.
Nice. And I chuckled a little bit at your "Eww! Mache" comment. XD I'd be more like, "Yay! Mache!" myself. lol
Excellent idea - I've made pinatas before but was a bit stumped on how to make it withstand such a beating!<br>Here's an idea to speed along papier mache: build up smaller components with a few layers at a time and nuke em in the microwave with some extra newspaper in there to soak up moisture.<br>it dries in the micro in about 1 minute, so then you can build more and keep going.<br>Only works for small bits, but then you could assemble later!
Thanks! I'll try that!
You have more patience for this than I would. Knowing that I spent that long making something just to have it destroyed would kill me inside.
I also enjoy kicking over my Ice carvings too! It's a very zen experience!

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