Build an Altoids/tin can stove with just a knife/without ANY tools!

Picture of Build an Altoids/tin can stove with just a knife/without ANY tools!
IMPORTANT!!!!: I updated with a video! The top part of the stove has to be a bit higher as to leave space between the lower part, otherwise it will not burn! To do this I placed 2 wooden blocks, which can't be easily set to a fire state between the two parts...and voila!

Optional: Make lots of holes on the upper part so it achieves maximum ventilation potential!

I was bored today and while trying to come up with something interesting I stumbled into this. I got my tin can (it can be an altoids, I guess) and in a few seconds I had a compact, cool stove with me!

Perfect for hobos, camping and survival! A LOT safer than the alcohol stoves!

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Step 1: Items needed

Picture of Items needed
You will only need a tin container. That's right, only that. No tools, nothing. Well, you MIGHT need to cut the holes, but it's not hard, really.

I got this tin container from first grade. It had some rulers and math instruments. Ignore the horrible red colouring.

Step 2: Making of the stove

Picture of Making of the stove
Now, you'll need to remove the top part of the container. Then, you will bend or cut holes where the "holders" of the two parts are. Simple. Move your pointer over the boxes, I have explained it in a simple manner.

Step 3: Assembly and how to use

Picture of Assembly and how to use
All you'll need to do is put the top part over the other. Then, you put some twigs in the holes which you removed or cut. These holes will also work as a way to supply oxygen to your fire, which is a must.

Step 4: That's it!

Picture of That's it!
It probably took you less than a minute or two. I hope you are happy with your new stove!
BalkanSpirit (author) 2 years ago
Sorry about the last picture! It was windy, so I couldn't light it for a long time. But if you somehow shield it against wind it's A+
Blaze12132 years ago
Love this. Great simple idea!
you had a mathmatical set in grade one wow nice instructable
abaneyone2 years ago
Nice and simple :)
Niva!!!2 years ago
Jaruemalak2 years ago
I like it! I made a couple to put in my emergency kit... ya know, just in case!