IMPORTANT!!!!: I updated with a video! The top part of the stove has to be a bit higher as to leave space between the lower part, otherwise it will not burn! To do this I placed 2 wooden blocks, which can't be easily set to a fire state between the two parts...and voila!

Optional:Make lots of holes on the upper part so it achieves maximum ventilation potential!

I was bored today and while trying to come up with something interesting I stumbled into this. I got my tin can (it can be an altoids, I guess) and in a few seconds I had a compact, cool stove with me!

Perfect for hobos, camping and survival! A LOT safer than the alcohol stoves!

Step 1: Items Needed

You will only need a tin container. That's right, only that. No tools, nothing. Well, you MIGHT need to cut the holes, but it's not hard, really.

I got this tin container from first grade. It had some rulers and math instruments. Ignore the horrible red colouring.
Sorry about the last picture! It was windy, so I couldn't light it for a long time. But if you somehow shield it against wind it's A+
Love this. Great simple idea!
you had a mathmatical set in grade one wow nice instructable
Nice and simple :)
I like it! I made a couple to put in my emergency kit... ya know, just in case! <br>

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