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So, your obviously reading this because you're interested in raising a better, more appealing garden and outdoor paradise. But you want an amazing garden, not the extrodianary price. Right? What better way than to get out and do it yourself? Well, that's what I set out to do in my own backyard.

This project really is all about personality. Some people love an easily maintained garden, others love to be highly involved in their gardens. Either way, I recommend that you read all the way through this Intractable before you run out to the nursery-PLUS, I have handy tips and trick at the end of this Instructable!

As for the cost of this project? Its also a matter of personal preference. When I built my garden, I wanted something easy to maintain, that was also easy on the wallet. But some people seem to have no budget for this type of project, so read on to find out more!

Step 1:

Unfortunately, I started this Instructable far too late to include picture-it would have been nice- but alas, I wasn't thinking.

Here's what in this particular picture:

12x Pavestone 12 In. x 12 In. Tuscan Square Fieldstone Stepping Stone
28x Pavestone 24 In. x 12 In. Tuscan Square Fieldstone Stepping Stone

1x Van Zyverden Clematis
1x CobraCo 14 In. Flatwire Hanging Basket (Impatiens)

8x Millstead 2 In. x 4 In. x 8 Ft. Prime Pressure Treated
2x Millstead 2 In. x 10 In. x 10 Ft. Pressure Treated Lumber
5x Millstead 6 In. x 6 In. x 10 Ft. Pressure Treated Lumber
7x Millstead 4 In. x 6 In. x 10 Ft. Pressure Treated Lumber

1x Minwax Stainable Wood Filler 16 Oz.
2x Minwax Wood Finish Red Oak Quarts
20x 90d nails

But, here is what you're really going to need:

A pair of gloves
Garden Stakes
Plants (to taste)

&nbsp;Your garden is absolutely gorgeous and must bring you hours and joy and tranquility! &nbsp;I have been relandscaping a huge yard by myself, and can only imagine--after the weeks and weeks of 10-12 hour days--the amount of work you've done in order to get these results. &nbsp;Bravo and a remarkable job! &nbsp;You obviously have a knack for envisioning the aesthetics and bringing it together (something I've yet to master, personally!), so I'm a tad envious!<br /> <br /> Thanks for sharing, at any rate. &nbsp;You've reignited my inspiration to get this damned yard done and make it something I can be proud of!&nbsp;<br />
Hey guys!<br /> <br /> Haven't been around to update this instructible or create a new one....I've joined the United States Navy. So I won't be around much for the next 6 years (I'm a nuclear machinist's mate in case you're wondering)<br /> <br /> Anyways. 20,000 views! <br /> Never thought i could have so many. Thanks for the support!<br /> <br /> -Midnsun183<br />
The roots from those purple coneflowers are medicinal too. Echinacea Purpurea!
&nbsp;Sharp eye! Thanks for the heads up.
These aren't annuals, but if you are looking to reduce your garden costs, check this out:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.freetreesandplants.com/index.html">http://www.freetreesandplants.com/index.html</a><br/>You can get terrific plants that would otherwise be destroyed.<br/>
I truly loved your instructable. Thanks for adding my comment. You've inspired me to make my own raised beds and I am going to build them with cob. I will make an instructable for that and publish next spring when I get a crop started.
Buy flowering plants that are marked down in the outside garden section at the hardware store or grocery. Make sure their greenery is nice and don't worry if the flowers are all dying. Do some research before hand to see what kinds are repeat flowers. Gerbera Daisies like the above are wonderful and can last through a mild British winter. You can even offer to take home throw-away plants and see what happens.
I was just about to add this (after a long streak without the internet), Thanks for the tips!
Anyone have a suggestion of another outdoors/garden ible they'd like to see? I'm taking suggestions!
Hey guys! Thanks for the comments, ratings, and subscriptions!! I appreciate!
Are those photos on sticks in your garden? Your garden is very beautiful!
LOL on my wall? Yes...It is. I took the picture while I was still trying to figure out what i should put around the wall. I took the pictures in a neighbors garden and placed them there to see what would look best....Yet another tip (Just for You)!
That's a brill idea! I need help deciding what to put in front of the little cottage I live in. I wish I knew how to put up a picture . I'd be really interested in suggestions....I am not a gardening fan, but I love beautiful gardens.
what kind of lumber did you use for the planter along the edge of the patio (dimensions, type of wood)? It all looks beautiful!
Perhaps i should re-re-edit this to include all this info....wood, plants and the like?
If time permits you to do so i am sure appreciation will be given.

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