Step 3: Fit the CD Turbine Nozzle

Picture of Fit the CD Turbine Nozzle
Ok let's get started by fitting the Nozzle and its Extender Tube to the CD Case.
Cut the smaller nozzle end of the Orbit Watermaster Nozzle at an approximate angle according to the pictures, so that it sits closer to the CD Case when gluing. Start the hot-gluing by putting a dab on the side of the CD Case and sticking on the Nozzle right away. Keep hot-gluing around the Nozzle, letting things cool a bit as you go, but keep the Nozzle lined up as far as angle and direction, similar to pictures. Leave the area directly in front of the Nozzle free of glue, so that you can cut out the Case to fit an extender tube from the Nozzle into the Case. (See pics.)

A Later Note: My newer instructable makes this nozzle install process much easier!

Ravey6 years ago
I found using cling film as a template for the glue worked quite well. Simply cling film the area immediately around the nozzle and then apply the glue to the film. The film holds its shape while you apply the glue!
mrfixitrick (author)  Ravey6 years ago
interesting technique! I suppose that will work as long as there is also enough glue support directly to the CD case. Thanks for the addition...any more hints?
Mr. Twist6 years ago
hahahaha instead of a dremel i have to use a pedi-paw.