Step 4: Drilling

Picture of Drilling
Anamorphic Pinhole-10 (Custom).jpg
Anamorphic Pinhole-8 (Custom).jpg
Anamorphic Pinhole-4 (Custom).jpg
Anamorphic Pinhole-14 (Custom).jpg
The pinhole plate mounts to the lid using #4 wood screws, which need a 5/64" diameter hole.  The laser file has markings for etching into the wood for where those holes are supposed to go so simply drill into the center of those markings.

Cut two 3/4" long dowel segments and glue them into the holes on the lid as shown in Picture 2.  They will serve as guides to align the screw holes when the camera is assembled.

On one of the sides of the box there is a 3/8" diameter hole for viewing the film frame number.  There needs to be a 5/64" hole drilled next to it for the little rotating metal piece which covers the hole to prevent excess light from getting in.