Step 5: Making the Metal Pieces

With the body of the camera coming together, some of the finishing touches can be done.

The film rollers are made of 1/4" aluminum rod.  One end is turned down to 0.08" diameter for a length of 1/4" so it can be inserted into a hole in the wood.  The other end is drilled with a #43 and tapped for 4-40.  This will help keep the friction on the film down so it goes around the bends without ripping. (Picture 1 and 2)

The pinhole mounting plate is a piece of aluminum sheet with a 5/16" hole drilled in the center and four 7/64" holes around the perimeter.  This step has a PDF attached for use as a template printout.  The holes are countersunk so the flathead #4 screws will sit flush. (Picture 3)

The shutter is made of a small roundish piece with a length of material off the side bent upwards to act as a handle. (Picture 4and 5)

The film number cover is a rectangular piece of aluminum with a hole drilled for a flathead screw and acorn nut as a handle. (Picture 7)

Once those are ready, spray 3M Super 77 adhesive onto the shutter and number cover and press them onto the sheet of felt.  Use an X-acto knife to cut the parts from the sheet. 

Give everything a coat of black paint when its finished. (Picture 8 and 9)