Step 6: Metal Pieces Pt. 2

Picture of Metal Pieces Pt. 2
Anamorphic Pinhole-19 (Custom).jpg
Anamorphic Pinhole-20 (Custom).jpg
Anamorphic Pinhole-35 (Custom).jpg
The film is advanced by a tightening knob and loosening knob, used in tandem to move the film along the cylinder.  I took some of the aluminum rod and filed two sides flat about 3/8" long.  Then I cut a small groove using a thin tool on the lathe for the retaining ring.  then I filed a small flat onto the other end for the set screw to tighten on. Pictures 1-3

I made two brackets with nutserts in them to screw the lid onto the box.  They are glued to the box with epoxy.  I lined them up by screwing them to the lid, then marking where they line up with the box, taking them off the lid and then gluing them in place. Picture 4