Introduction: Antique Style Wall Shelf With Coat Hooks

Build this Antique Style Wall Shelf with built in Coat Hooks using Shaker Pegs.

This is the perfect piece for your front entrance to place keys, wallets and knickknacks on, and to hang your sweaters and coats.

Watch the video for an easy guide for you to build one yourself.


AndrewCampbell (author)2013-09-26

Hello fellow antique craftsman! The video is really informative and I just like the way you would purposefully create the really worn out look as though as it was preserved from back in the day (like my grandfather would say), really cool! Being an antique fanatic myself (especially in silvers) I would most probably place some silver candlesticks, silver flatware and antique jewellery on display. Love it lots, I would be building one myself soon!

playkaro (author)2012-09-08

Nice Post and really good work, thanks for the post

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