Picture of Build an Application in Xcode 2 on a Mac
Hello! This is MacWorldWizardz here again today to show you how to build an application (fully functional) in Xcode on a Mac! This is quite simple based on the type of application you wish to build, compile, and make.

Now, all you need is:

- Xcode 2 (Normally on OS X Tiger)
- A PPC Macintosh or Intel (either is mighty fine)!
- A Copy of OS X Tiger or Lower. (Already Installed with Xcode or On Disc)
- A Keyboard
- A Mouse
- WebObjects (It's okay if you don't know what this is)!
-  X11 (on OS X DVD)

If you don't have these already installed on your Macintosh, Copies of Tiger and anything below that should have the "Extras" Package on the disk with OS X. If Xcode is not installed, insert the OS X Install DVD and navigate to the "Extras" Package. Double-Click it and follow the on-screen Instructions to Install it. Go ahead and Install X11 and the "Xcode" Package if there is one in there.

Now, I recommend that you do exactly as I do on this Instructable until you learn the basics.
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Step 1: Navigating and Opening Xcode

Picture of Navigating and Opening Xcode
Click It!.tiff
Spotlight Clicked.tiff
Xcode Search.tiff
Xcode first being opened.tiff
Alright, now that you have Xcode Installed (or already had it installed), it's time to open the Xcode Application.

There are multiple ways to open Xcode. You can:

- Navigate to it in Finder.
- Locate it in Spotlight.
- Or open it from the dock.

But, here's how we are going to do it!

At the top right of the screen, click the Blue Spotlight Button. Then type "Xcode" and then hit the enter key. Once you've done that, double-click the Xcode "Application". I have included some pictures of the Spotlight. Be sure the "Xcode" Application has shown up in the dock. If you click on it, it will not show any sign of it being open, execpt that the menu-bar will switch to Xcode. Look at the picture below for an example.

By the way, there is a "Developer" folder in the ROOT of your Macintosh Hard-Drive. Double-Click that Folder and you will have access to Developer applications, including, Xcode, located at:  Your Hard Drive < Developer < Applications < Xcode. This is NOT on Leopard or Snow Leopard. :-)