this is a cool instructable of mine that will show you how to turn an old crappy and wrecked from many flights rc plane into a new cool rc boat which can go on ice water and hard wood floors dont get me wrong it requires time but hey it can go in water as a boat or fly on top of ice youd think its worth it! by the way sorry about the first openeing slide its a little messed up but oh well. the first pic is the finnished product dont bother with the others.

Step 1: Get Your Materials

what your going to need is a dead rc plane i have an estes sky ranger but any will do it shoud be dual engine but you can do a single one. youl also need some loctite apoxy gelglue. and youl need a sheet of styrafoam.
<p>nice one how fast does it go? TIP: learn to focus your camera</p>
I'm also building a <a href="http://www.nitrotek.fr/bateaux-rc.html" rel="nofollow">boat</a> but not with an old airplane just out of plywood cause i got a little creek on my stepdads property, i got all my electronics and motor from my old tamayia fox buggy, im just gonna do somethin really simple, i plan on coating the wood with a thick polyurethane coat and makin my rudder and prop out a piece of aluminum i got, and i got all the tools i need, i don't care about performance i just want something that works alright.
HAHAHA it works. Mine goes about 5 mph. Ill post a video soon. WOOHOO.
omg, i had that plane, but when i went under my bed to get it it had gone...:( <br> <br>is that an air hogs one tho?
Yep it's airhogs. At that must have been the most underpowered plane I've ever used lol.
Sorry to correct you, but the plane the instructable is about is from Estes, a company that makes a lot of plastic model kits. I have the same model. Color and all.
mine i had to fly directly with the wind or it would not have enough lift
Yeah same. I got it going really good once for about 20 seconds but it went so fast I couldn't turn in time and it ended up on my neighbors roof -,-
mine went into a tree, hiting 127 brances on the way down. i counted.. <br>one wing dissapeared, the othe was hanging by 1 wire, and the battery was in 2 peices......
wow...that sucks<br>
1 question how are you propelling the boat? with the propeller angled towards the water or is the propeller out of the water pushing air?
it pushes both...but the stupid safety thing kept tripping because of the resistance so i scrapped it.
I know it's been a while since this instructable has been made, but I have the exact same model plane. I've been taking grounded RC Helicopters and turning them into Lego RC Boats. I've only done one so far, but I'm planning to make another.
About a year ago, I turned the same airplane into a lego submarine... unfortuantely it sunk and jsut skidded along the bottom of the pool... drat
Do those motors work underwater???
yes to an extent. Brushed motors (what are in most of those cheap rc planes) will run underwater but they must be dried and taken out otherwise they will rust on the inside. It actually improves preformance to run them underwater.
Think it could work with a powerfull RC car? or 2 powerfull rc cars?
I've built two boats so far from dead R/C cars. Type &quot;Failboat&quot; into Youtube, I've got a few vids up. Nothing to write home about as far as power/handling, but fun. Using a plane is a great idea, I wish I'd kept the controller to the sky ranger I crashed a few years ago.
This is sweet i wish i had my rc plane sitll!!!!!!!<br />
hey try and make a fully functional rc sea plane&nbsp;<br /> that would rule!!!
And I used a type of instillation foam.
Here is the frame I used in case you or anyone else would like to build one.
why do u make this a BOAT instead of making another plane :)
Here is the simple explanation. To build a new plane you would not only need an all new body, but you would also have to balance and test and it would be nearly impossible especially for a plane that small where 1 oz affects it so much.
I have an old Air Hogs F-16 Falcon. Do you think it would work?
u should post a video of it on the water....
Any one considering this should check there local liscensing laws. It is illegal in England to use frequencies dedicated to RC aircraft on boats or cars. Real shame cos I'd love to use my 6 channel RC aircraft gear on a tank or something.
why? because flying objects are dangerous, if you fly at an approved field they make everyone check there crystals to ensure no one interferes with each other. You can just imagine, there you are flying a hefty 20cc glowplug monster about the sky when someone turns on there little car/boat/tank on the same frequency, plane spins outta control and hits dog/car/house/child. It WILL KILL. they have before and will again. It is inconsiderate, dangerous and illegal to use air bands for ground based vehicles. (don't blame me though, i didn't make the law, like i said it would be sweet to be able to use my 6 channel air gear on a tank or such like).
i understand that but are there rele that many people because here in virginia i havnt seen a man fly a rc plane that was bigger then his arm. i guess different laws r need in different places
Hey I live in VA to.Where in VA do you live?Just click on me to find where I live.
i dint see very much on these pictures
air craft toy design requires scientific proof, not just imitate a real one, though they are tempting. not like <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.gotoymall.com/Cars-Electronic-cars-cid-1-list.html">RC cars</a>RC cars, they are hardly broken like the one in picture.<br/>
I just got one of those for 20 bucks, It flew for 20 seconds then fell and broke. Thats like paying a dollar a second, But now that I found his it shall relive! muah ah ah ah
same here i got one from Radio Shack for 100 bucks never flew longer than 20 sec
how many channels did it have mean buttons and directions also the are rele hard to fly. i got this one and got it flying and then a gust of wind turned it into a tree1 not a good thing to put big money into unless u have experience.
2 channel it had 2 propeller/motor all styrofoam
there tricky was it sliver? i think iv sen this one
nah not silver yellow it was a spinmaster toy
I have one of those Sky Rangers Planes Too! Mine never really worked. Did Yours?
o got it working 4 a minute or to i like the strong crashable ones cuuuuuzzzzzz u can crash um!
mine never flew either dont buy another
Cool I guess. But you should post a bit better pictures, but I can still kind of get the idea.

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