Step 6: Step back and admire your work

If you need to adjust something, just pull it up and do it. It's your fence. Oh, yeah, and drop that cedar root in the irises.
I love the idea of having a living muscadine fence. I had never thought of it thanks for sharing.
It give me a lot of happiness. It's really alive right now, and there are hundreds of tiny clusters of potential muscadines appearing. Maybe the birds' attention will be on the nearby peaches and pears, instead. Oh, no, wait...!<br>
Very nice.
Nice project! I completely sympathise with not everyone getting it. I have something similar in my yard, a boarder made of sticks, so it kinda looks woven sometimes and right now it just looks chaotic. I get some compliments, and some people asking if they can do some yard maintenance for us. I like your system a lot. It looks very clean and natural.
Thanks, Cupritte. I'd like to see your fence. I'm always looking for new ideas!
I really LOVE this! Good job!!!
Thanks! It's never ending--come help!
Sorry... too busy constructing my own garden fence from discarded lobster boxes and such. ;-)
Oh. My. Goodness! Beautiful!
Thanks so much... <br> <br>I call this the Rustic Nautical look. ;-) <br> <br> <br> <br>
Gorgeous, gorgeous! I love it. What a labor of love.
Why, thanks! Come see it, and I'll let you add to it.

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