Step 1:

sorry for my English which is not perfect, because I am french and I am not fluent in English.

Step 2: Principle of the Ecosphere.

An ecosphere is an ecosystem that grows alone, animals and plants intertwine in harmony without outside help.
Nevertheless she needs a little light.

Step 3: To Create Its Own Ecosphere Need You.

Step 4: -A Hermetic or Another Glass Jar.

Step 5: For the Bottom of the Aquarium Gravel or Small Stones.

Step 6: -Aquarium Shrimp, Mine Are the Red Cherry

Step 7: - Small Aquarium Plants

-for my part I put the Anubias nana as well as a foam type Cladophora aegagropila balls so that the shrimp can hide.

Step 8:

-Prepare your ecosphere at the beginning water bottled
water will be slightly cloudy, but over time it will clear up.

Step 9:

Do not over expose its ecosphere in bright light because it encourages the proliferation of algae.If you see that your shrimp lose their skin (it molting) is quite normal, they lose their skin as they grow.

Here is my ecosphere, it has today a month, the entire ecosystem is doing well
<p>Hi there!</p><p>I see it has been 2 years since you did the close system..</p><p>can you tell us what's up ?<br>or how long did they lasted ?</p><p>I'm a since teacher and I want to do it with my students one day...</p>
O&ugrave; est-que vous avez achet&eacute; les crevettes?
est-il encore vivant?
<p>Any Update on how long it lasted? I really want to make one for my office desk but I want to make sure it doesn't die quickly</p>
One month after its creation
<p>Is it still alive?</p>
<p>This is very cool! Do you ever have to change the water like in a fish tank?</p>
No I have not changed the water for a month, it is closed tightly, the purpose of the Ecosphere and that life is all alone
<p>Wow, that's awesome!</p>
<p>Your English is better than that of many native English speakers. </p>
Thank you !!
Thank you !!
Well, you do have to change water eventually. Because air in the water will run out, and NO3, NO4, and other chemicals in the water will rise above maximum viable levels and your schrimp will die. Because of the small size of the shrimp and because there are live plants in there the water will refill some of the oxygen through the plants that will aldo absorb the CO2, but i doubt it will be enough for the NO3 - NO4. Also shrimp will eat the algae that will be formed from the sun on the bottle, but algae alone can nlt be considered as a balanced fish diet... so really a good project but still not a 100% autonomous biosphere that could.sustain a shrimp for the full lifespan.
Thank you for your remarks very informative I note.The successes are jaded on failures.For the moment everything is going well I will put photos he did y y' has no worries.Shrimp moulted 3 times hope that it will last a long time :-)
i would like to learn how long it survived and if possible a few photos now and then :)
Just great!
Thank you !
<p>Nicely done and not a problem with your English. The only suggestion I would have is to rotate the diagram to make it easier to read on screen.</p>

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