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Build an arcade cabinet for around €200 ($250)

It all started with some SNES gamepads and a SNES emulator, but it all got slightly out of hand.

After we had done some SNES gaming with some cheap knockoff SNES gamepads we converted to usb, we wanted more. We came up with the idea to make a MAME arcade machine, and settled pretty quickly on the fact that a full size arcade cabinet was the only way that would fulfill our dreams. But, there's two of us (me and my friend) surely we can't share one machine, right? Of course not! We're building two of them!

That wasn't all. Why build a huge machine with only a single function? So we tried to come up with more. The major other feature of our arcade machine is a fridge! There's loads of space below the controls and the screen that we weren't going to fill with electronics like in the old days. So we've put a fridge in there. This of course did mean that there would need to be a door in the botom, and that also added a problem of sturdiness because the door can't help support the other three sides. But afterwards the machine ended up really sturdy, especially because the fridge holds it together a little bit as well by it's weight. 

Before building the machine, we did a lot of planning and designing, stuff that, if you are genuinely interested in building a MAME, you might be doing at the moment. We know how hard it can be to find all of the perfect information in one place, so we will try to do our best to give you all possible information we've found in our building process.


If you're not familiar with these terms I'll explain them here:
Bezel - the bezel is the plastic in front of the screen and the black around the screen
Marquee - the marquee is the image above the screen, this has a 'marquee light' behind it so it is backlit
Cabinet - the cabinet is another name for the whole machine, but especially the case
elizle2 months ago

I like this because you didn't cannibalize an old arcade cabinet, that could have been restored. Good work. I might have to build one once I have some free time.

fmedina-11 year ago

personally, i would have used an mc cthulhu to avoid wiring, and for future projects it's compatible with most consoles

Stampede241 year ago
So, you solder the 1P and 2P start buttons to the gamepads, and the arcade buttons to the 1, 2, 3, 4 inputs on the gamepad, and the joystick to the d-pad, but where does the coin button go to?
Stampede241 year ago
Do the game pad controls translate into the MAME software?
rkeane2 years ago
This is a work of pure GENIUS!! Thanks for the idea!! xx
BC_Jeffro2 years ago
sweet i was thinking of a beer themed cab in the past with a fridge but never did it
HandySun2 years ago
I like your topper. Nice play on words haha. I never thought about about putting a fridge underneath a compcade. I haven't built one yet but when my parents brought an arcade home one day from an auction, I always wanted to build one. Back then though they were saying to take old keyboards and solder the buttons on to the keypad PCB.

Shoulda thought about just using a game pad. Theres something awesome about standing playing a game. I think you generally play better that way because you're more alert, like when you gotta read speaches standing up at school haha
Would be cool if u could make a handle for the fridge door that looked like coin slots
dreamberry3 years ago
You should win some kind of medal for this. It is so choice.