Step 4: Cabinet Contsruction

This is where the real fun starts, your cabinet will start to take shape in no time.

I constructed the square frame for the bottom out of the 18mm x 18mm pinewood, and screwed and glued it to the bottom of rear plank. I also put pinewood bars on the sides of the rear plank, which would become the corners. You'll screw the sides to the rear with screws and glue through the pinewood bars and the pinewood frame. Be sure to pre drill all your holes and also put your (cordless) drill on screwprotect if you can, because the pinewood splits very easily.

Attach the first side
Now it's time to put on the sides. Place one of your sides onto the floor, next to the rear with the frame and the pine on it. Place your side onto something like a few wooden blocks, so you can clamp your glue clamps to it without lifting the whole side off the floor. Apply the glue to the pinewood and the MDF of the rear side, and flip it onto the side. Then quickly clamp it down tightly and screw in the screws.

Attach the second side
After you've done the first side, remove the clamps and put it back on it's rear side. Now get the other side and put it next to the rear as well. Now do the same. Watch out though, since you've got one side attached to only the corner and the frame in the bottom, you will have to support it. You can do this by supporting it with some of the 600mm planks you're going to use later.

Put in the diagonal rear/top side
You now have both sides attached. But the construction is still not very sturdy. If you attache the rear/top diagonal plank, it will become a lot more stable. Do this while it's still on it's side on the floor. Attach the pinewood bars to the rear/top plank first, again with glue and screws. Then apply the glue and slide it in between the sides until it's exactly in position, then put the screws in.

Quick tip: The top/rear side is at 45Ëš angle, which means you'll have to saw this piece at an angle. We gave it a 45Ëš angle with the rear side, since this wasn't a very important angle and a 22,5Ëš angle with the top piece, which has a 22,5Ëš angle as well.

If you have put in the rear/top side in place. Your arcade cab should now be able to stand upright.

And now?
You should now be able to put the rest of the pieces in pretty easily. Start with the front side of the control panel and, if you're not using a door, the front side where the door would be as well. Then put in the pieces below the marquee, make sure to make a notch in the piece where the marquee fits in (see next step) and where the bezel wil fit in.

The Doors
You can also put the door in now. Be sure so experiment with your hinges a bit until you know exactly where to put them. Doors are pretty easy to make, just attach the hinges to the cabinet and to the door, and you're done.
<p>I like this because you didn't cannibalize an old arcade cabinet, that could have been restored. Good work. I might have to build one once I have some free time.</p>
<p> personally, i would have used an mc cthulhu to avoid wiring, and for future projects it's compatible with most consoles </p>
So, you solder the 1P and 2P start buttons to the gamepads, and the arcade buttons to the 1, 2, 3, 4 inputs on the gamepad, and the joystick to the d-pad, but where does the coin button go to?
Do the game pad controls translate into the MAME software?
This is a work of pure GENIUS!! Thanks for the idea!! xx
sweet i was thinking of a beer themed cab in the past with a fridge but never did it <br>NICE!
I like your topper. Nice play on words haha. I never thought about about putting a fridge underneath a compcade. I haven't built one yet but when my parents brought an arcade home one day from an auction, I always wanted to build one. Back then though they were saying to take old keyboards and solder the buttons on to the keypad PCB. <br> <br>Shoulda thought about just using a game pad. Theres something awesome about standing playing a game. I think you generally play better that way because you're more alert, like when you gotta read speaches standing up at school haha
Would be cool if u could make a handle for the fridge door that looked like coin slots
You should win some kind of medal for this. It is so choice.

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