Picture of Build an autonomous Wall-E Robot
Hi! After a kabillion requests, here you go! This robot is running the EZ-B available at http://www.ez-robot.com

First a little introduction, watch the vide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJiMUzJHYFk

I started off with the toy titled "Interactive Wall-E". Available at toys'r'us current price $34.99

I am a robot hobbiest and have a lot of expierence with the programming and design to give robots expression and life. The first bit advice I can lend is to be confident. Second advice is to be creative. Together, you're mind will figure out the rest for you :)

There are plenty of peices available to you. My workshop is nothing special. I keep a supply of parts that are low cost. I usually collect items from disassembling other toys :) . Sadly, servos are the most expensive parts of the bunch.

For fasteners I use Zip Ties and an arragement of small screws, bolts and nuts. All are available in cheap combo kits at your local hardware store.

To modify the casings, i use a speed adjustable dremel and sometimes my soldering iron to melt plastic. For dremeling, please keep a vacumn nearby. *Warning: For melting, keep a window open with a fan!!

Also, if you choose to melt plastic peices, use a seperate bit on your soldering iron. The plastic will burn to the tip and make soldering a pain in the butt!

Now for the programming part... This is actually very easy. I do my programming for my robots using the EZ-Robot Project and the EZ-B Robot Controller.  It does not require any programming. You can just plug in your servo motors and control the robot from your PC. It also contains voice recognition and a bunch of other neat features. You can get it here: http://www.ez-robot.com

Here's a video of Wall-e in action...

Here's a cute video of Wall-e falling over while chasing his ball :)

Here's an older video of my first version

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nudim23 days ago

its the cutest robot .. loved it

T0BY27 days ago
Really good! This is great!

DJ Sures, which kind of servos do you use for wall-e ?

LorraineK23 months ago
Hi. I could really use the help of someone whos good at making robots i need to make a prototype. Willing to pay . its an important project and need help asap. Thanks
KellyKandy3 months ago

Love Wall-E

cwu103 months ago


I am having difficulty removing the metal rod from the tank trend axle, is there a particular process that I need to do in order to remove it?



dhirajpatra3 months ago

its very beautifull.

Hello, I just came accross this yesterday and am really serious bout building this project for my fun and learning projects. I already purchased the robot. The links that you provided in the parts list are all expired do you think you can give me some new links for the parts needed especially the control board.


JordanK37 months ago

Would it be possible as I am trying to make the same robot as you (Yours is amazing). Could you email me the code that you used for this?

Tbus10 months ago

I'm enrolled in a learn-at-home Automation and Robotics course
( http://cie-wc.edu/Automation-and-Robotics-course-... )
and this Wall-E instructable supplemented my lab experiments and
was a great review before taking my final exam! Thank you!


if you dont mind

plz give the code of wall e

THIS IS AWESOME!!! I definitely will have to try to make this Instructable. Thank you so much!

Did u pay a lot to make this?
Omg I love wall-E he is so cute and I would love to build him idk that we could build wall_E that is so cool :-)
makesomeso1 year ago
great. i love your robot.
aashraf42 years ago
why you need wall e toy and
how can you make wall e talk
for example "what's your name ?" he will say "walll e"
so how can you make wall talk ?? OR is the ez b make wall e talk is there in ez b microphone and speaker
How did u make the wall-e talk???? Does this come with the kit???
How did u make the wall-e talk???? Does this come with the kit???
jcaresheets3 years ago
Way cool project. I know you made this quite some time ago, but I am slowly making my way through the tech area of the instructables trying to absorb as much data as I can. Not sure how this works and if you get a notice every time someone comments on your stuff or not. Figure that will be the only way I might get a reply. You did a wonderful job on this project and I had one burning question. What is with the completely gutted computer tower on saw on the left hand side of your work area. Were you stripping it for parts and just had not gotten around to getting rid of the carcass or what? I guess it caught my eye because I am working on stripping some monitors, desktops and laptops for any useable parts. Don't worry people, they have all been beyond repair or too old to do much of anything with. Heck the spec sheet for one of the laptops said the maximum ram if could hold was something like 192megs.

Anyways, great work and I will bookmark it for sure. Maybe I will be able your level some day. Just had to ask about the computer carcass.
Nameless376 years ago
make this into a wifi robot, put a webcam in the eyes, and a microphone, then put the motors and make it move around
djsures (author)  Nameless376 years ago
wifi robots are controllable, this is a robot pet. it has free will ;)
couldnt you ad the wifi just to see what he "sees"?
is there some way to get it to have more batterie life?
wmelo3 years ago
love this robot,, i mean it... ^^
maxsuit4 years ago
man ur awesome
i m ur fan nw!!
djsures (author)  maxsuit4 years ago
i dig your energy. thanx dude
i cant wait to build wall-e your wall-e is so cool!
RoboLab2.03 years ago
I am i big fan of ex-robot. I love your wall-e so much. I've seen your videos. So cool but how in the program can you do that. You are sooo smart.
robotmaker3 years ago
also i see that on this instructable you are using Interactive Wall-E and on your site you have remote control wall-e,can both work for the camera you installed in his eye
also ebay selling Interactive Wall-E for under $20
also the board would be a good add on to ROBOREALM software,might ask STEVEN about it,mostly he looks for samples from robot companies and robot controller boards,so many interfaces on his website for robot controllers
he is working on one for AR parrot drone also
zulfawi4 years ago
From where you buy it
djsures (author)  zulfawi4 years ago
I got the toy from walmart. but now you can get them on ebay. and the circuit board is from www.ez-robot.com :)
i see the list price now is $147 on amazon.com or the remote type $170
a lot of the servos needed are no longer available or in back other. Can someone point me to suitable replacements?
djsures (author)  jalozanomolina3 years ago
visit www.ez-robot.com .. you can get the servos there or the ez-robot complete kit
you say you get the servo's in the EZ-ROBOT complete kit
but they are standard servo's in the kit and robot said has micro and pico servo's is this correct
HS-55 or HS-65 BY HITEC at SERVOCITY or EBAY looks like a good choice
lstair3 years ago
Would it be possible to do something like this with one of the characters from ROBOTS my kid LOVES that movie and would love to have a wonderbot or rodney copperbottom, or fender even. but i dont think they made any large toys like they did with Wall-E bc it wasnt that popular...Any ideas?
Tonspaa3 years ago
The toy is on sale here: http://www.dealextreme.com/p/wall-e-robot-pvc-display-toy-45971
(Without the internal electronics, of course)
d-does it pick up trash?
David973 years ago
is there a arduino code for this
David973 years ago
Coolest robot i have seen!!!!!!!1
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