Picture of Build an autonomous Wall-E Robot
Hi! After a kabillion requests, here you go! This robot is running the EZ-B available at http://www.ez-robot.com

First a little introduction, watch the vide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJiMUzJHYFk

I started off with the toy titled "Interactive Wall-E". Available at toys'r'us current price $34.99

I am a robot hobbiest and have a lot of expierence with the programming and design to give robots expression and life. The first bit advice I can lend is to be confident. Second advice is to be creative. Together, you're mind will figure out the rest for you :)

There are plenty of peices available to you. My workshop is nothing special. I keep a supply of parts that are low cost. I usually collect items from disassembling other toys :) . Sadly, servos are the most expensive parts of the bunch.

For fasteners I use Zip Ties and an arragement of small screws, bolts and nuts. All are available in cheap combo kits at your local hardware store.

To modify the casings, i use a speed adjustable dremel and sometimes my soldering iron to melt plastic. For dremeling, please keep a vacumn nearby. *Warning: For melting, keep a window open with a fan!!

Also, if you choose to melt plastic peices, use a seperate bit on your soldering iron. The plastic will burn to the tip and make soldering a pain in the butt!

Now for the programming part... This is actually very easy. I do my programming for my robots using the EZ-Robot Project and the EZ-B Robot Controller.  It does not require any programming. You can just plug in your servo motors and control the robot from your PC. It also contains voice recognition and a bunch of other neat features. You can get it here: http://www.ez-robot.com

Here's a video of Wall-e in action...

Here's a cute video of Wall-e falling over while chasing his ball :)

Here's an older video of my first version

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Jsquared243 years ago
If I had a more technical know how (and more time and money!), I'd add:

Solar power panels that open up and close every 2 hours while on
Light up solar charge panel, showing how much charge there is
Random times of the Wall-e having his chest bay open and him scoop up stuff with his hands
Led light eyes
closable eye shutters in a leaf iris motion
and finally a modified cocroach that is kinda like a brisstlebot!

Maybe, when I'm older I'll make this...
well to find out how to make his eyes shut and scoop up things up why not try ehow.com
james kevin4 years ago
That's so cool!
avanner774 years ago
If you have a dremel and a soldering iron, you can clean the tip if the iron using the #428 steel brush. I've done it before, you just have to tin the iron after grinding the plastic away.
dont ever throw it away! in 20 years or so you can make it self aware...
Sithen4 years ago
I swear, that is so creepy when he just puts up his arms and starts roaming towards the camera. o.o
nicky234 years ago
I love walllllllllllll-eeeeeeeeeeeee!
23baller4 years ago
Wall-e is so cute
djsures (author)  23baller4 years ago
thanx! :D
jomac_uk4 years ago
Yes i think i skipped that bit, currently bidding for a Wall-e remote on ebay...fingers crossed
djsures (author)  jomac_uk4 years ago
good luck!
Thanks alot man for the fast reply, and good luck with your future projects
Well i lost the one on ebay, and after a 2 hour search on the internet, there is NOWHERE in the UK selling the Wall-e U command..!

Are they still available in the States, and if so where?
djsures (author)  jomac_uk4 years ago
not sure. sorry
Onigirii4 years ago
Can you tell me which programming skills I need in order to ,someday, one of these robots?

djsures (author)  Onigirii4 years ago
http://www.ez-robot.com says you can start off with zero programming experience and use the ez-builder software.

then, you can learn to "script" in the ez-builder... and eventually move to the ez-sdk for serious programming.
jomac_uk4 years ago
With all the space available inside, why didnt you go for a bigger battery, or would this strain the drive train too much?
djsures (author)  jomac_uk4 years ago
it's a 2400 mha 7.2v battery. runs for hours. it's lithium-ion.
there is absolutely zero space available. the tiny battery barely fits. there are multiple size toys, and the most common is the remote control wall-e (which this is not). check my youtube channel www.youtube.com/aliencurv for a video of my larger wall-e
Sorry, i thought it was the remote control version, to be honest this is the first time ive seen a Wall-e and im pretty hooked!
djsures (author)  jomac_uk4 years ago
lol, he's pretty cool dude. that's for sure!
fp_dahaka5 years ago
why dont u add a video.....
djsures (author)  fp_dahaka4 years ago
there is a video on my youtube channel @ http://www.youtube.com/aliencurv
dxmmichelle4 years ago
Yes,there are many other microcontrollers to choose , i choose seekic microcontrollers.
djsures (author)  dxmmichelle4 years ago
for my most recent robots i use my ez-b that u can see videos and projects of on www.ez-robot.com .. or you can just see my robots on myw ebsite too :) www.dj-sures.com
You mean www.seekic.com ?
jomac_uk4 years ago
Im a bit confused here, are the servos actually used as the drive motors? if they are, are they modified for continuous rotation by removing the electronics? Sorry to seem dense!
djsures (author)  jomac_uk4 years ago
the instructions define the servos as "modified servos". check out my other robots used with modified servos @ www.ez-robot.com and my website www.dj-sures.com and youtube channel www.youtube.com/aliencurv

there is no such thing as a dumb question :)
browaway6 years ago
Hello DJ...this looks like a great project for me and my son when I get back from deployment. I would like to purchase your card but couldn't get a message back from you...Please help!
If you want purchase card ,I suggest you go to ChinaIcmart
Jake_Rider5 years ago
so here's all the instructions?
ardebot1235 years ago
You say use freeduino. I have an arduino duemilenove, could i use that?
Demascus5 years ago
project looks good so far, I wanted to pass on that if your looking for motors with good gearing IE powerful, go to your local wrecking yard and take out the motors that move the seats   in the car. Powered seats,  Are amazingly strong use 12volts and have reduction gears in place.  Some even have flexable shafts. 
Really nice, very cool  additions to a standard Wall-E. To take nothing away from your project, there is available a top-of-the-range Wall-E that does all that your one does and more. It is very expensive but I think it is worth the money and would make a fabulous bench mark to add more features to. It has a variety of sensors for obstacle  avoidance, obeys voice commands and mimics the 'real' Wall-E very well. My only complaint is that one of it's two sets of batteries drains very quickly and the battery compartment will not allow a larger one to be fitted.  I overcame this by adding a new box under the front of his body which takes any of the LiPo or NMh packs. I would be v glad to hear from anyone who has doctored one of these. Pimp my Wall-E!
arhodes185 years ago
This is awesome!
Does anybody have an estimate on how much this would cost?
There was a remote controlled Wall-e w/ voice on the market for $190.

Lmao. Lets try and put solar cells on him and another servo for it =D
Poor Wall-e But we're going to make you better once we're finished with you >=D
vernonlilly5 years ago
I just want to say thanks, this is a awesome Instructable. I have made a couple of small obstacle avoiding robots and I'm working on a larger robot now.
SepirothXD5 years ago
dude,hardcore robot awesome great work have you ever tried to do an bumblebee robot?
Foaly75 years ago
Cool. You might even pump this up with some commands you can give this robot by adding a microcontroller that can control the rest of the robot, and rewriting a software for giving your computer vocal commands to take commands for the robot to follow. Add a microphone in his head that wires up to the microcontroller, and some sort of USB connection for adding more commands. Then you have an Assisant WALL-E.
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