So basically, I got bored during the summer 3-4 years ago, so i built this. If you want to build one, dont blame me if it breaks, and please remember I am just a college student, so don't try to sue me for anything.

By building your own iPod, you get full customization of ALL parts and you get the bragging rights and tech experience from building it.  You can change anything, from a clear front panel, to a high capacity hard drive. I built mine to save some $$$ and to show off to my friends. 

P.S. : I built this like three years ago, during the summer, so I might have some steps mixed up.
P.P.S : I just made this new account b/c i did not like my other one, so moving all my pictures and stuff was part of the delay
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Step 1: Tools

The tools you need to assemble and disassemble come packaged with replacement parts on ebay.  You could also buy the repair kit for ≈ $5.(anti-static hand wrap not included in price)

The tools needed are:

     -Small soft-pry tool

     -Large soft-pry tool

     -Micro Phillips screw driver

     -anti-static handwrap

rdearman1 year ago
So how much did you actually spend? And how much did you save? (You listed saving money as the reason for doing it!)
JPeroutek (author)  rdearman1 year ago
This was a really long time ago, so the price may be skewed a bit. I spent roughly $180 on parts, and these iPods were going for roughly $195-210 at the time. So that is about $15 savings. As a kid working minimum wage as a lifeguard, I was glad to have the $15. I also had to purchase 3 clickwheels, because when I was trying to install the clear front panel, I broke two of them, and on the third I just gave up and went with the black one.