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Introduction: Build and Play WAR ROOM RISK


Several months ago, a dear friend returned from a trip to Europe. While there he had the great privilege of touring one of Churchill’s War Rooms. One evening we got into a discussion about war rooms and about strategy games…

…And so a CRAZY idea began to germinate. Some months later, six of us put aside a full weekend to focus on construction and the first game. What resulted was the epic tradition of WAR ROOM RISK.

I would love to provide thorough instructable style details here but I’ve delayed posting long enough.
For now, here are the basics:
• Armies = super glue + army Men + poker Chips + spray paint
• Board = risk board digital photo + digital projector + Two 4′x5′ plywood pieces + sample paint + hinges
• Pusher Doohickeys = simple wood molding + drill + dowel Rod
• Game = liberally apply testosterone + silly hats + cocktails



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what do you use for the horses and cannons?

Hey Sam, different generals used different things for their armys. I believe the guy who used horses and canons bought a "GETTYSBURG CIVIL WAR MILITARY PLAYSET" or two, for around $10 bucks a piece and then spray painted them.

I really loled at the Hitler's subtitles

Well done :)

Hey @BCatDC, we saw this video a few months ago and started planning our own!

Check out our website here:

this was all down to you guys!! we are having our fist game tomorrow afternoon (12th July 2014), lots of pics etc to follow! :) :)

Your video was fantastic! Your game has inspired me to turn regular family night into giant board game night. Ahh, the possibilities . Thanks

Inspirational. This video got me into risk. This video and this video alone made it look so fun, thank you! :)

Where did you find the horses and cannons? I've been looking around online but I can't find any sets that have more than 4 or 5 horses.


I saw this about a year ago and have been dying to make one myself ever since. I'm finally going to get around to it and, with any luck, I'll have time to get started tomorrow.

Hey nadromac, if you get around to it I'd love to see pictures.