video Build and Play WAR ROOM RISK

Several months ago, a dear friend returned from a trip to Europe. While there he had the great privilege of touring one of Churchill’s War Rooms. One evening we got into a discussion about war rooms and about strategy games…

…And so a CRAZY idea began to germinate. Some months later, six of us put aside a full weekend to focus on construction and the first game. What resulted was the epic tradition of WAR ROOM RISK.

I would love to provide thorough instructable style details here but I’ve delayed posting long enough.
For now, here are the basics:
• Armies = super glue + army Men + poker Chips + spray paint
• Board = risk board digital photo + digital projector + Two 4′x5′ plywood pieces + sample paint + hinges
• Pusher Doohickeys = simple wood molding + drill + dowel Rod
• Game = liberally apply testosterone + silly hats + cocktails
jonnyc861 year ago

Hey @BCatDC, we saw this video a few months ago and started planning our own!

Check out our website here:


this was all down to you guys!! we are having our fist game tomorrow afternoon (12th July 2014), lots of pics etc to follow! :) :)

tonygperez1 year ago
Your video was fantastic! Your game has inspired me to turn regular family night into giant board game night. Ahh, the possibilities . Thanks
Tuckertcs1 year ago

Inspirational. This video got me into risk. This video and this video alone made it look so fun, thank you! :)

aftong1 year ago
Where did you find the horses and cannons? I've been looking around online but I can't find any sets that have more than 4 or 5 horses.
NAiMA791 year ago
nadromac2 years ago
I saw this about a year ago and have been dying to make one myself ever since. I'm finally going to get around to it and, with any luck, I'll have time to get started tomorrow.
BCatDC (author)  nadromac1 year ago
Hey nadromac, if you get around to it I'd love to see pictures.
MonkiMan1 year ago
that was awesome!
Wolfthorn2 years ago
Yes! Thank you for clearing that up for me.
Wolfthorn2 years ago
This is awesome!! By the way how did you enlarge the photo that much without losing resolution?? And how did you print it that big?? Or did you paint it.... Please respond I would like to know how to build it more accurately
BCatDC (author)  Wolfthorn2 years ago
Thanks Wolfthorn. Glad ya liked it.

So it is painted not printed.

Here was the trick: We found an image of the map online. We used a digital projector (any simple powerpoint style thing will do). To project it at a good size. Then we used sharpies to outline the various shapes on the map and filled the outlines in with paint. Make sense?
FeniXb32 years ago
Wow, I just found this accidentally and I have to say that it's sooo sooo great! If I had more room, I would do this for sure. I hope I will not forget about that in the future, because it's so freaking awesome I just have to do this. :D Great idea, guys!

This Idea is one of the greatest I've seen yet! Bravo!
Can't wait for more!
WOW!! One of my fav games of all time Super Sized!

Great job guys!
Kyerohtaron3 years ago
This is brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!
EmcySquare3 years ago
Simply awesome !!!
playpep3 years ago
What is the song at the beginning of the video? Cool concept.
ilpug3 years ago
Any idea why the movie might not work?

Awesome idea
revjim50003 years ago
Absolutely incredible guys. I am slow-clapping while a single tear runs down my cheek.
My first thought - at the Dollar store, I've seen little plastic army men, but I've also seen little plastic pirates, ninjas, Native Americans, dinosaurs, farm animals, robots . . . oh, I'm giddy just thinking about it.
And yes, as the veteran of many beer/game sessions I agree that you will definitely want to water-proof whatever you can.
BCatDC (author) 3 years ago
Just wanted to thank you all for the love! The Generals and I have been very excited by the reception we've gotten from this thing. We'd love to see anyone copies and or improvements. We'll probably upgrade sometime soon. We'd love to be able to use a jigsaw or a giant CNC to do board cherry, walnut, oak etc.

We even talked about what would be involved to do one in different marble.

Three things we could have done better:

Made drink holders!
Lacquered the top of the board!
Provided some kind of ridice rolling area.
Kokor3 years ago
I know what I want for Father's Day - time to build this awesome game board!
code_neon3 years ago
You have inspired me!

Everything about this is great! Very very Beardy!

Congrats on the epic board!
amargalha3 years ago
Man this is the most awesome thing ever! I must have one of those! Better yet, I'LL MAKE ONE! xD

Thank you so much for the inspiration!

You guys RULE (at your own Risk) xD
boaslad3 years ago
This is absolutely the coolest beer dream project I have ever seen. And trust me. I've seen a lot! You guys rock. And I love the "interpreted' German scene in the video. Me thinks some one had WAY too much time on his hands. Very very cool. Sure beats the crud out of poker night.
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Oh man this is awesome! You should share pictures of your game pieces, rake (the pushy thing), and details of your silly hats and costumes.

This is my kinda board game, great job!
BCatDC (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
Thanks Mike! I'll try to get some extra photos and things and get them uploaded.