Build and Stock a Fish Pond


Introduction: Build and Stock a Fish Pond

Watch this to learn how to build your own fish pond. A good pond is more than just a hole in the ground! This video expertly covers the dos and don'ts of building, stocking and maintaining a fish pond as simply as possible.



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    I love this video! Great information for those of us who would like to have a pond!

    Thanks for sharing!

    lol i dont need 1 but gess what my grandma owns most of a lake only axcess is in 1 spot on my my grandmas land lol and there is like a million walley on the lake lol only walley

    The video doesn't deliver on the title. Assume I have 50 acres and have no existing pond. Where do I start? What materials do I need? What equipment? How do I get water out when I need it for livestock? How deep should it be? What do I do with the dirt removed? How do I prevent overflow? How do I build a spillway that won't wash away? How do livestock get out of the steep banks? Or should I keep them out so they don't flatten the banks? Or should the banks be flattened to accommodate livestock? Does a pond need chemicals? What do I do when the algae grows in it? Does an aerator in the middle help the water along the bank? As far as stocking, I think I could have figured out to pour the fish into the pond, but where do I get the fish? How many? Does the species matter?

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    It seems your expectation was a little high for a 6 min Instructable. It would take hours or days to answer every question about every single situation. Although the video did seem a little basic, it was informative and interesting. I suggest reading a book or hiring a professional for the in depth information you desire.

    expectations were because of the title.  This was for those that already know how.   It was not informative or interesting.

    Okay. I see what's going on. I just did some clicking around. You're using the Instructables website as just another place to get publicity for your website, magazine, and your sponsors. Looks like a violation of the terms of service to me.

    Perhaps popsci and progressive farmer belong to the same publication family? I was always under the impression that instructable was a popsci venture.

    The best place to start is with your county's Ag. agent and your State's wild life dept. . or simply Google farm pond construction Dirt remove is generally use to build other pats of the pond structure like the dam. The stated reason for the steep banks was for weed control. With cattle weeds may not be a problem, so cattle friendly banks may work OK. Some ponds may not have means to drain it and may have a spill way for over flow. Others have the overflow and drain combined. The only time I'm aware of pond owner using chemical is to control algae or do a fish kill if trash fish become a problem. I believe the State of Kansas stocks ponds for free, but there are strings attached. I'd rather stock on my own dime as my guests could fish without buying a license

    And folk's, that how the other half lives. I have a hard time describing, a water body, large enough to bother trailing an air boat on, a pond. ;)

    This reminds me of a quote I heard on the radio. It apparently comes from a victorian gardening book. "No matter how small your garden is, you should always set aside a couple of acres for woodland"

    Wow, that looks like a wondering place. I love fishing, and fish ponds, I myself used to have one in front of my house, but then we took it out. :-( But still, I love fishing and fishes, and I have 2 right now, they're very very old! About 3 years, but they're still goldfish sized.