Build and Paint a Birdhouse


Introduction: Build and Paint a Birdhouse

About: Howdy, I am a bit of a tinker gnome. I like playing with hardware/technology along with making stuff I want out of old stuff I have or find. I should warn you that I am like Dog from "Up". There will be ...

Howdy Instructable readers.

I have moved over to Steemit. Please follow my future projects over there. Thank You



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    Good job Arthur! You are certainly a talented and handsome young man.

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    By the way I have added you to my favorites.

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I only get Arthur every other weekend but he wanted to say thank you. This weekend we made more sauce similar to our easy kidstructable tomato sauce.

    That's awesome.

    Just in case you don't win, check your inbox. Please tell Arthur he earned it, and I want to know when he gets his own account so that I can follow him.

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    Will do, I am planning on reading him all of the comments on his work, and I will reply with what he says.

    Lol he said thank you, then asked if the people om the internet like Transformers? And that his favorite Transformer is Chase and Heat Wave and that they are rescue bots.