I built this in the showroom of the handbag company where I am a designer. Space was limited, but with a lot of improvisation, I was able to make it work.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials are given for the specific size and shape of the 'couch' that I built, and any variation will affect the supply needs.

3 sheets 1/4" 4' x 8' Lauan Plywood (wood type doesn't matter; I went with the cheapest option. In hindsight, I also would have used 1/2" thick; to prioritize strength rather than lighter weight.)
1 2"x4" x 96"
1 2"x4"x 92 1/2"
2 2"x4"x 75"
1 2"x4"x 56"
3 2"x3"x 16"
1 2"x4"x 15"     (I did purchase & use additional 2"x4"s for reinforcement. If you start with the 1/2" plywood, you may decide this is unnecessary.)

3 pre-made Queen Anne French style chair legs  (make sure that if you order online, you are sure about the height of the legs. the site I ordered from included the tenon height in the overall height -which none of the other websites had done: this is why some of the tenon is visible on ea leg.)

3 sheets of 4" x 40" x 72" foam

2 packages of 81" x 96" batting (as thick as possible)

7 yards poly/velvet fabric  (I actually bought 8 and had a lot left over...)

1 package Crystal Upholstery buttons (24 to a pack- I used less)

spray mount adhesive

a couple yards of ribbon or string

power drill
jig saw
staple gun & staples (the serious kind, not the office kind)
long piece of wire
electric turkey knife (cuts foam like butter!)
utility knife

**I didn't get photos of all the supplies; but everything except the wood and fabric was purchased on Amazon. And I'm happy to take questions.

I LOVE IT!!!!!! It is FAB. Great job.
Oh and most importantly is it comfortable?
The amount of foam made for a very soft & cushy seat, however because this was for a showroom & more of a decorative "statement" piece- it wasn't designed to be comfortable. If the aim was for comfort; I would have altered the design so that the back was not flat & straight up & down. I would have added a slope to the back & a grade to the padding. Hope that helps!
All your measurement are in inches is that right?
Hi, yes for the most part everything is in inches. The plywood is listed in feet & anything else shown with the Minute or Prime marks would be feet. All the inch measurements are shown with Second or Double Prime marks.
Nicely done.
Would it work better to spray the adhesive on the plywood, and leave about an inch or so, than cut, and add a little extra glue to reinforce as needed? I think that would keep glue away from the knife.
That is a good point, and probably would do the trick. The adhesive I had was crazy (like some Spiderman webbing sh*t), between that and attaching the fabric at the end; you probably wouldn't even need to go back and add the extra at the ends.
How much hours(?) have you worked on this? It is gorgeous!
I spent 1 week, during my regular office hours, working on this piece. Total about: 35ish; if I had had a proper shop, that could have been cut down. I did have a couple people that I was directing, who helped with the lifting and gluing and the tufting.
Looks awesome, nice work.
Thanks very much! :)
This is gorgeous!
Thank you!
What was the total cost of the materials?
Assuming that you have all the tools and such; screw, staples, etc. - the total cost was around $700, but again, I bought too much fabric.
Awesome! Love that it's purple!
Thanks! We were going with a purple and silver theme for that market. :)

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