This tutorial will show how to make a Boba Fett costume for a child (9 years old in this case) using the Pepakura method.

"Pepakura" is a technique for making printable versions of 3D computer models.  The printout comes with numbered tabs and edges that are matched up and glued together.  When all tabs and edges have been joined, the result is a paper version of the computer model.

Pepakura models can be found on Star Wars fan sites.  For this project, I used the files found here:

The software for working with these models, Pepakura Designer, can be found here:

A complete list of tools and materials is attached.

Step 1: Measure the Child and Determine the Scale

Most Pepakura models found on the internet are adult-sized and will need to be scaled to fit a child.  Sizing the helmet is important.  If it's too small it won't fit, and if it's too large it won't fit well or look right.  The most important measurement for the helmet is front to back.  The head is longer in this direction than it is wide, so if the helmet fits front to back then it will fit side to side as well.  Measure from the tip of the nose to the back of the head.  You can have the subject hold rulers in place to help guide the measurement.  In this case, the measurement is right around 200mm.  The helmet model is 260mm in this direction (measurements can be seen in the lower right corner of Pepakura Designer).  200 / 260 = 0.769..., which is just over 3/4 scale, and is about the right scale for this subject given his height relative to my height.

Next, measure the arms from elbow to wrist for the gauntlets.  It's important to size the helmet and gauntlets appropriately.  The head must fit inside the helmet and the arms must go through the gauntlets.  If these parts are not sized correctly, it will be very hard to use them in the final costume.

Measure and scale for all pieces.  If you downloaded a complete set of armor models, the scale will probably be consistent, but this is not guaranteed to be so.  The surface-worn parts like the shoulder caps, knee caps, and chest armor are more forgiving with respect to size, but should still be scaled to fit the child.
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