Introduction: Build Inexpensive Game Controllers (Arduino + Processing, Unity, Etc)

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Hi everyone!

In my free time I've been doing a series of inexpensive controllers that use arduino to be interfaced with any platform of your choice (they were indeed inexpensive but having a laser cuter sure helps).

Leaving some pictures for now, sometime tomorrow will update the instructable but would appreciate some feedback on what you guys want to see. I can definitely put together a wrapper for Unity and provide some arduino example codes, if anyone has aditional ideas or want to collaborate, please do contact me!

Stay tunned and I apologize for the lack of information at the time being but it's easier to update this from work tomorrow :)


CaptChaos (author)2014-04-23

How did you do the throttle control on the driving whell?

boxnot (author)2013-11-12

you can send me the schedule for the arduino

amandaghassaei (author)2012-11-08

these look awesome! please post more!

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