Build inexpensive game controllers (Arduino + Processing, Unity, etc)

Picture of Build inexpensive game controllers (Arduino + Processing, Unity, etc)
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Hi everyone!

In my free time I've been doing a series of inexpensive controllers that use arduino to be interfaced with any platform of your choice (they were indeed inexpensive but having a laser cuter sure helps).

Leaving some pictures for now, sometime tomorrow will update the instructable but would appreciate some feedback on what you guys want to see. I can definitely put together a wrapper for Unity and provide some arduino example codes, if anyone has aditional ideas or want to collaborate, please do contact me!

Stay tunned and I apologize for the lack of information at the time being but it's easier to update this from work tomorrow :)

CaptChaos1 year ago

How did you do the throttle control on the driving whell?

boxnot1 year ago
you can send me the schedule for the arduino
these look awesome! please post more!