Resistance is Futile! Your Technological and Biological differences will be added to our own. My family are all avid Trekkies. After having watched all of Next Gen, DS-9 and in the middle of Voyager, it seemed obvious to use a Borg theme for Halloween. The result is the Borg Jack O' Lantern. My ten year old loved the build for this and now you can build one too. Here is what you will need:

1. One Pumpkin
2. A surplus gearhead  motor (one that  spins 60-120 RPM on 12 volts)
3. A couple PVC pipe adaptors one: 1-1/2" threaded and another depending on the size of the gear drive motor.
4. One Red Laser Module
5. A small 3VDC motor Jameco
6. small round mirror. Hobby Lobby carries these
7. 1ft piece of 1/4" brass tubing Hobby Lobby
8. Small brass stock 1/8" X by 1/32" Hobby Lobby
9. Two "Tiny Cylon" kits
10. Five high brightens 5mm green LED's available lots of places http://www.superbrightleds.com/ 
11. four or five LED Glow Tubes see this instructable 
12. 24 or 26 gauge wire, red and black preferred or at lease two different colors
13. Solder iron, misc tools, electrical tape  Hot Glue gun
14. Coping saw blade for carving the pumpkin
15. 2 D-Cell batteries and a holder for them
16. Flat black and silver spray paint
17. Black tempera paint for ocular cutout
18. a source of 12VDC for the gearhead motor and LED glow tubing

Here is the Final Borg O' Lantern assimilating the kids in my hood: 

Step 1: The Ocular Implant

Every Borg has an Ocular Implant for one of its eyes. This is where the gearhead motor comes in. It allows us to glue something the end of the motor shaft to rotate and generate some motion for the Borg. Take the motor with you to Home Depot or Lowe's and find a couple PVC pipe fittings that it will fit into. The goal is to be able to hot glue the motor into one of them and have threads on the other end to screw into the pumpkin to hold it in place. Also we need to find something cool to put on the end of the motor shaft. I remember a couple episodes where drill bits or cutting blades came out of Borgs, but I thought that those and little kids might not be a good idea. I had a read head from a scrapped hard drive and used it. We will attach that at the end of assembly. 

   - Solder some wires long enough to connect the motor to your power source.

   - Hot glue the motor into one of the PVC pipe fittings.

   - Glue the first fitting into the second so that the whole assemble can be screwed into the pumpkin.

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