Step 17: Ready to be painted

The completed and ready to be painted SpinScooter is shown in Figure 17 after many runs up and down the only clean section in my garage. Although I crashed several times into the wall and the giant pile of twisted bicycle scrap, the SpinScooter showed great promise, able to scoot in a straight line when I wasn't attempting to do a 360. I though about putting a front hubmotor and battery pack on the scooter before painting, but that little voice in my head that helps keep me alive said, "Dude, what are you totally insane?!" I decided that kick speed would be the best option!

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. Be aware that there are fraudsters on Instructables ripping off others' projects and posting them as their own. This is the original SpinScooter project that we made in 2009 and posted as a free DIY tutorial. Anybody who rips off others' work and takes credit for it should be banned.
<p>I can't find any videos you mention on youtube or the atomiczombie website.</p>
That's awesome! Is there a &quot;no weld&quot; version of this? I can't weld, and I would love to build it.
When I saw that I knew I had to bulid one.I used the front wheel off a electric scooter. Changed the the rake to make it a caster. Relaxed the angle on the rear wheel to make it a little more safe. Gave it to a 9 year old boy for Christmas and he loves it...
Hi tgere! Can you post some pics of your scooter project? I was thinking of doing the exact same thing you did. Id like to see what it looks like. <br> It looks good on your profile pic but is too small to see any detail..<br>Good job and thanks.
Here are some pics of the scooter...
hey Inthegroove, the scooter looks awesome. Thanks so much for the pictures, i hope mine comes out looking that good.<br> thanks again!
Do you have any video footage of how the scooter behaves? It would be great to see it in action
i made on except with out welding or creating a frame for it and it works the same ill post an instructable if you want. there very fun thanks for the idea
if you've got a no-weld version you should post it :)
will doo :]
That looks amazing!<br>
I made one off your instructable and it works great. Ive even gone off a ramp and got some major air. GREAT INSTRUCTABLE
what about some foot pegs for the wheels , i see potential for some freestyle tricks , Wheres the Video Action Shots !! Looks Fun !!
We did some jumps and flips, but the vid got corrupted thanks to a computer virus. :(
Do some more! = ) I'm using this project as a intro to shop-work for my 10 year old, and some video would be a great motivator, as well as a tantalizing goal for us to pursue! We promise to post a pic of ours when we finish! Great job on the imagination and guts to try it!
This is fairly close to the scooter I built last fall, With bycicle handle bars. It wasnt designed for anything spectacular though, Just a scooter thats easier to steer. Good job.
It looks really cool. Do you think you could add a video?
We did take video, but a virus infected our computer and corrupted the vid. Maybe if it stops raining, we'll get another on done.
Has it stopped raining yet? Pleeeeease can we watch a movieee? = )
Wish i were a welder! i wanna buy hese from kmart some day ,have you thought about selling them?
Too much liability insurance!
Really, because I would buy one. And not care as to what happens, put a disclaimer on the box, problem solved.
Awww that sucks, It doesn't look any harder to ride than a ripstik.
cool, I used to make crazy bikes all the time. We even got a bike that clownes ride.
Awesome! We have a builders forum with hundreds of homebuilt bikes, if you'd like to submit a pic of your bikes: http://www.atomiczombie.com
I wish i could. We moved away and all of the bikes got ran over by my friends dad. They would always leave them behind his truck. Now they are all gone.
Is it very difficult to drive this device?
At first to keep your balance, but then easy to make 360s and sideways slides. I'll add a sentence to the plan that wearing a helmet is a good idea.
I want a video, please! It looks amazing.

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