Build the Starship Enterprise from useless office supplies

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Picture of Build the Starship Enterprise from useless office supplies
For the Star Trek fan in every office, you too can build this NCC-1701 Enterprise from junk in your desk drawer. Easy to assemble. Impress your friends. Makes a great gift or holiday ornament.
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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
You will need:

3 medium size binder clips
1 large binder clip
1 sharpie pen
2 ink pens with colored end caps (or pencils). They need not be working.
3 CD's (one preferably silver and unscratched).
Glue stick
Hot melt glue gun or other adhesive (in a pinch, tape will also work).

Step 2: Assemble Saucer Section

Picture of Assemble Saucer Section
Glue the 3 CD's together with a glue stick.

Step 3: Modify a Binder Clip

Picture of Modify a Binder Clip
Remove the handles from the large binder clip and install them on one of the medium sized binder clips. You will no longer need the large binder clip.

Step 4: Assemble the Hull

Picture of Assemble the Hull
The hull is the sharpie pen and 3 clips.

Arrange clips in the fashion shown in the picture. Remove handles from the non modified binder clips after you install them.

Step 5: Engine Assembly

Picture of Engine Assembly
Remove guts of the pens and install the end caps from red pens. (optional).
The red caps will face forward.
Pencils and other writing instruments will work as well.

Step 6: Attach Engines to Hull

Picture of Attach Engines to Hull
Glue (or tape) pens to binder clip handles as shown in picture.

Step 7: Add Saucer Section to Hull

Picture of Add Saucer Section to Hull
Glue CD's to the the front binder clip as shown in the picture.

Step 8: Results

Picture of Results
All finished. Use a lunch bowl as a decorative stand.

Step 9: Bonus Section: The Starship Reliant

Picture of Bonus Section:  The Starship Reliant
With a few extra parts, you can make the Starship Reliant as well.

Step 10: Conclusion

Picture of Conclusion
Aside from the binder clips (and glue), all the other parts came from the recycle bin.
The total cost was less than $5.

For a future project, it may also be possible to make a Romulan Bird of Prey using similar construction methods:

Great model! The first link above, to cloudster dot com doesn't seem to work. It looks like that domain isn't registered. Are you sure it's the correct link? The other one is fine. Thanks.
I don't imagine they leave you alone in the supply cupboard very often. :-)
Excellent models
idkwthiam4 years ago
omfg!!! love it. mom is a trekie. im new .will someone please show me how to make reliant.ill be your bestest buddie.Q("Q)
yoyonut4 years ago
amazing my dad is a huge treky, he will love it!
Datman6 years ago