Picture of Build your own 4x4x4 RGB LED Cube

LED Cubes are awesome. The first one I created was a 8x8x8 blue led cube. It still works like a charm. But being able to display every colour in the spectrum is much more spectacular. Let's start with a small and simple 4x4x4 RGB LED Cube.

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Step 1: Watch part 1 of the video series!

As you might have noticed, part 1 concentrates on the cube itself and the case. No electronics yet. The video should already give you plenty of details. But I will give you a short list of parts that you will need to build the cube itself.

Step 2: Order the parts for the cube!

Step 3: You finished the cube and case!

Picture of You finished the cube and case!

Congrats on your finished cube and case. It should now look a little bit like mine in the picture. Go ahead and test all connections with a power supply. If everything works fine you can go ahead and build the electronics in the next steps.

Step 4: Watch part 2 of the video series!

The video gives you plenty of info on how to build the controller for the cube. In the next step I will give you the schematic for the circuit and the part list.

Step 6: Upload the arduino code and test the cube!

Picture of Upload the arduino code and test the cube!

Download the code for the LED Cube. This is already my updated version of the code which I showed in part 3 of the video series. Be sure to watch this part as well to get an idea how the code works.

Step 7: Watch part 3 of the video series!

This time it is all about optimisation. You may get a better understanding of the code if you watch the video carefully.

tboultwood125 days ago

Youve just inspired me to create one! Just ordered all my parts from HongKong for under a tenner.... Its a real nice project for so little money.

Can I use diferent adapter (power supply), with same specs

GreatScottLab (author)  filip.mehmetovic1 month ago


bikec1 month ago

Ultra good toturial

tyxman3 months ago

Does it matter that much which kind of arduino I use. I have an arduino uno

hkerr tyxman3 months ago

shouldn't as long as it is connected to the right pins. so yeh it should work

hkerr made it!3 months ago

I just need to finish the case but havent had time in the last few weeks.

mbrotcke4 months ago

I am also interested in Integrating the MSGEQ7

I have attached MSGEQ7 pins attached to
pin 3 to Atmega pin 23/A0
Pin 4 to Atmega pin 14/d8
Pin 7 to Atmega Pin 12/d6

But have no idea how to code it. please let us know if you work with this

Olek4105 months ago

Is it possible to make it react to mp3 files and make a vu meter that would be awsome

GreatScottLab (author)  Olek4104 months ago

It is definitely possible. Maybe I will give it a try in the future with a MSGEQ7.

domdomgin5 months ago

i made the circuit but all it does is change from rgb rgb thats all..I used a arduino duemilanove..Please help..Thanks..

GreatScottLab (author)  domdomgin5 months ago

Did you use the v2 of the code? Or the one in my second video?

i see only one code.also i used the arduino duemilanove is that fine..i checked all connections and all seems fine..kindly suggest.also changed the tcl config lib to 3 tlc..

GreatScottLab (author)  domdomgin5 months ago

duemilanove should work just fine. But it does something at least. So your circuit should also work. I suggest playing around with the code a little could at least give you hint what is going wrong.

domdomgin5 months ago

Thank you for this great inscrutable..Would like to know the value of the cathode current limiting resistors if they are required..

Also if you could give another explanation on your code on how to make some new animations..thank you..

Jack Moran5 months ago

Great instructable, you've got my vote!

hkerr5 months ago

How much of the bridge wire will i need to buy? (length)

GreatScottLab (author)  hkerr5 months ago

I used around 12m

Thanks for the quick reply. I bought 100m instead of just 15m.

Ploopy5 months ago


hkerr5 months ago

Best rgb cube I have found. I will be making it soon. :)

jojo_12205 months ago

U have done here a very good tutorial, Thanks man :)

Craft of epic5 months ago

TOTAL GENIAL!!!!!!!!!!

Very awesome project! Thanks for posting it!

Good job :).

I hope you have entered it in my contest

GreatScottLab (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya5 months ago

I just did. Thanks for telling me ;-)

starwriter345 months ago

Pretty Awesome..