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Introduction: Build Your Own 4x4x4 RGB LED Cube

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LED Cubes are awesome. The first one I created was a 8x8x8 blue led cube. It still works like a charm. But being able to display every colour in the spectrum is much more spectacular. Let's start with a small and simple 4x4x4 RGB LED Cube.

Step 1: Watch Part 1 of the Video Series!

As you might have noticed, part 1 concentrates on the cube itself and the case. No electronics yet. The video should already give you plenty of details. But I will give you a short list of parts that you will need to build the cube itself.

Step 2: Order the Parts for the Cube!

Step 3: You Finished the Cube and Case!

Congrats on your finished cube and case. It should now look a little bit like mine in the picture. Go ahead and test all connections with a power supply. If everything works fine you can go ahead and build the electronics in the next steps.

Step 4: Watch Part 2 of the Video Series!

The video gives you plenty of info on how to build the controller for the cube. In the next step I will give you the schematic for the circuit and the part list.

Step 5: Order the Parts for the Controller and Solder It!

Step 6: Upload the Arduino Code and Test the Cube!

Download the code for the LED Cube. This is already my updated version of the code which I showed in part 3 of the video series. Be sure to watch this part as well to get an idea how the code works.

Step 7: Watch Part 3 of the Video Series!

This time it is all about optimisation. You may get a better understanding of the code if you watch the video carefully.

Step 8: New Animations!

Here you can get some new animations which were created by a viewer.

Visit his channel here:

Step 9: Success!

You did it. You just finished your own 4x4x4 RGB LED Cube. Feel free to develope the code in more creative ways than I did. And feel free to share those new creations.

Feel free to check out my Youtube channel for more awesome projects.

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Scott i'm fallowing your gidlins and i'v don a scheci but dont realy know if this is rowat or not ? can you pls take a luck at the wiering ?


Hello GreatScott! First thanks for the videos and content you provide us, keep on! I have almost finished the cube but when I turn it on I see a dim flash and that is it. The animation is running but no brightness... I used IRF9530 mosfet, there is the apeshit, right?


Lovely thing GreatScott. I just started to do this :D

four mosfets for 4 anode layers :D

Has anyone made a 3D (qube) infinity mirror with from this concept??

It would work if I do it with arduino uno? instead of the arduino nano

is there a way to do this with common cathode rgb leds? I've got some of those here.

Keep up the good work, love the channel.

During compiling the codes i found some error.

help me in programming.

Bro the program is not working it is saying compiling error
Rest i made whole cube
Plezz help
Please give a link of new program

Hi, I bought everything on your parts list and then realized that it is not completely comprehensive. The male and female header pins as well as the P channel Mos fets are not on the list. Also I don't know what the rotary potentiometers are for. Overall still a great tutorial. Almost done with the led cube part. I think I am going to need to buy more silver plated wire. Any help on what to do with the potentiometers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I watched the third video and it explained what the potentiometer is used for. The shopping list is not complete, so just watch all the videos first and make a list that includes quantities. Use your own list along side the links in the tutorial and you should be good. Otherwise, incredeable tutorial.

Hi scott.

I am beginner in Arduino code writting.

I build the cube and upload your code, ewerything works fine but it show only one animation (random colors). How to get working other animations (wall, colorchange ) that are in function part in your code?

Does anyone know if it will possible to power this via a usb cable maybe not to a computer but a usb wall outlet? The one that i have says it is 2.1A 5v is that suitable?

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Hi scott, Can you recommend a different IC chip for the driver?
The TLC5940 is hard for me to get, I tried ordering them from futurlec and theyve kept my money and not shipped my parts for two months and digikey says theyre obsolete. So Im not sure what I can do I dont have a ton to spend on them. And if theres a current more up to date IC I can use that would be great.

hey mairo123 and great Scott thanks to help me im done with the circuit and uploading the codes now the only thing which is left is to complete the cube build and then i m done. i basically made the whole thing on breadboard using and arduino uno. thanks alot to help me .

i dont wanna waste the money spent on this project my dad will kill me