Picture of Build your own Indoor-Safe PVC Air Laucher
 Hiya, Folks!
Today all you projectile fans are in for a treat - I am making a PVC air-pressure launcher that's safe to use inside! It's a great Rainy-Day project. The supplies are easy enough to find (If you have a couple of sizes of PVC pipe), I was able to make it in one day, and when you're finished, it can fire earplugs, mini marshmallows and soft foam "Rockets" up to 20 feet. I know that there are a lot more powerful ones out there, but you can't use those indoors! I hope you enjoy this MakerBot Challenge entry, and good luck making it!
 P.S. I'm sorry if the pictures are blurry, I forgot to set the Macro on my camera! I'll give detailed instructions to help you understand...
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Step 1: You Will Need...

Picture of You Will Need...

   Two lengths of PVC pipe, one slightly wider in diameter
A good pair of pliers with cutting mechanism
   Duct tape - PLENTY of duct tape
An earplug - If you don't have an earplug, get a foam sticky dart - If you don't have a foam sticky dart, get some Styrofoam.
   Some tough scissors
Petroleum jelly, optional
   Medium-thickness wire

 You got that stuff? Okay, nothing's stopping us from building a PVC Air Launcher! Let's get started!

Step 2: Create the handle-pump

Picture of Create the handle-pump

First and foremost, compare the smaller piece of pipe to the larger, placing one inside the other as shown in Pic 1. once you know more or less the difference in size, put a few small patches of duct tape on one end of the big pipe, airlocking it on that side (Pic 2 & 3). Now for the small pipe - wrap duct tape around one end untill you can press it solidly, but not too tightly, into the open end of the big pipe.

  Got that? Okay, moving on to the next step!
  Or if you have a foam dart, go to step 4.
  Or if you have an earplug, go to step 5.

catmanduud2 years ago
check out my air cannon
freeza363 years ago
these pictures! get better ones!
Win Guy (author)  freeza363 years ago
Sorry for the poor quality, I had to take it with my cheapo video camera since I had no other cameras to use. I will take updated photos when I have the time.


Win Guy