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Today all you projectile fans are in for a treat - I am making a PVC air-pressure launcher that's safe to use inside! It's a great Rainy-Day project. The supplies are easy enough to find (If you have a couple of sizes of PVC pipe), I was able to make it in one day, and when you're finished, it can fire earplugs, mini marshmallows and soft foam "Rockets" up to 20 feet. I know that there are a lot more powerful ones out there, but you can't use those indoors! I hope you enjoy this MakerBot Challenge entry, and good luck making it!
 P.S. I'm sorry if the pictures are blurry, I forgot to set the Macro on my camera! I'll give detailed instructions to help you understand...

Step 1: You Will Need...

   Two lengths of PVC pipe, one slightly wider in diameter
A good pair of pliers with cutting mechanism
   Duct tape - PLENTY of duct tape
An earplug - If you don't have an earplug, get a foam sticky dart - If you don't have a foam sticky dart, get some Styrofoam.
   Some tough scissors
Petroleum jelly, optional
   Medium-thickness wire

 You got that stuff? Okay, nothing's stopping us from building a PVC Air Launcher! Let's get started!

check out my air cannon
these pictures! get better ones!
Sorry for the poor quality, I had to take it with my cheapo video camera since I had no other cameras to use. I will take updated photos when I have the time. <br> <br>Thanks, <br> <br>Win Guy

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