Build your own Single or Dual Tap Kegerator for Home Brew Kegs

Picture of Build your own Single or Dual Tap Kegerator for Home Brew Kegs
These instructions combined with the purchase information is all you need to build your own mini kegerator suitable for housing one or two 5 gallon mini keg(s), carbon dioxide bottle, and all tubing.

Each instruction page has numerous pictures to go with the description. If you download the PDF version of the instructions you'll get a very nicely formatted document with all the pictures embedded.

Price list- Here’s a breakdown of what the last kegerator cost me to build. Prices are always subject to change, and your own modifications might change it slightly too, but yours should be fairly close.
Frigidaire Compact Fridge - $179
Set of 4 Wheels- $4.99
Cabinet Latch- $2.98
Single Faucet tower - $70.00
Low Profile Inline Coupler - $54.95
Gas Line w/ clamps - $4.95
CO2 Regulator - $57.95
Grand Total - $375.00

You may be able to shave a few bucks by finding a cheaper fridge, or shopping around for the keg supplies, but if you follow these instructions at least you’ll have a nice quality kegerator that will keep people asking where you found it.

The only thing you’ll need to add to the price list above is the Keg, and CO2 bottle- which you can rent, or buy for about $25ea from your local brew store.

Love this write-up. I have been searching for a detailed articles like this to build a kegerator on the cheap. I also found some info on Building a Kegerator on a Budget here - http://www.kegerators.com/articles/kegerator-on-a-budget.php