Introduction: Build Your Own Smart DNS Proxy and Unblock Netflix From Anywhere

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There are many commercial services on the Internet, which allow their users to bypass Netflix geographic blocks in order to access content out of region. For example, if you are a US expat living in the UK and want to access the US Netflix catalogue, this is the common way do achieve this.

The following step(s) show you how to build your own solution to do this, instead of relying on commercial services. For more information, please visit

Step 1: Smart DNS Proxy With DigitalOcean

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DigitalOcean is a cloud hosting provider, which we will use to build our Smart DNS Proxy solution.

  • Head over to Digital Ocean to signup and get $10 USD credit..
  • Create a Droplet using Docker 1.x application image (find it under –źpplications images).
  • Make sure to create the Droplet in the right geographical location (e.g. if you want to watch US content, create it in a US data centre).
  • SSH to your Droplet and run the following command at the console:

cd /opt && git clone && cd netflix-proxy && ./

  • Point your DNS at the Droplet IP and watch Netflix out of region.
  • Enjoy or raise a new issue if something doesn't work quite right..


TheTWIGS (author)2016-08-27

Good day, have just tested with Kamatera and this does not work. Still get the "Proxy or Unblocker" issue.

Tell me, is this still a valid option?

belodetech (author)TheTWIGS2016-08-28

Unfortunately that means Kamatera is blocked by Netflix, as most other providers.

TheTWIGS (author)belodetech2016-08-28

Hey there,

Thanks for the info, but does this mean that there is no way to use this solution to get unblocked?

All DNS Unblockers are falling fast and furniously. I would like to set one up but if it's not going to work then I guess I am going to have to cancel Netflix

belodetech (author)TheTWIGS2016-08-28

Well, some providers are still working, but they are getting more difficult to find. There is a new product in development, which uses a secondary wi-fi router, which unblocks everything properly. You can register your interest for a beta trial, when it becomes available:

TheTWIGS (author)belodetech2016-08-31

Thanks for the info, I have 2 RPi's just lying around and a CuBox if you would like that to be tested too.

The Cubox is a neat little 2x2 pc.

belodetech (author)TheTWIGS2016-09-01

I've got about 50 interested parties at the moment and once there are 200, I am going to open up the trial. If you subscribe to blackbox beta at and then send me an MD5 hash of your email, I'll make a note of it.

TheTWIGS (author)belodetech2016-10-03

Hey there, Any news or updates on interested parties?

TheTWIGS (author)belodetech2016-09-01

Good day,

I registered a few days back already, and will PM you the MD5 hash of my email address

belodetech (author)2016-09-01

Please check the up-to-date info at as a lot of things changed since this article was written.

FriedZombie (author)2016-05-02

Yeah well the problem with this tutorial is that netflix now uses a blacklist of ip's to filter out many vpn's/unblocking services and vps providers. the list they most likely use is this one:

belodetech (author)FriedZombie2016-05-02

This is what you need:

-- ab1

FriedZombie (author)belodetech2016-05-02

I get the functionality of the software, it is a smart dns it tries to
only proxy / tunnel the things needed to bypass the geo restriction.

Still that would leave that you need an ip that is not listed as proxy or vps provider in the maxmind lists they do offer.

That is probably the reason for that works / not works poll on the github page of the project as well.

tensor (author)FriedZombie2016-05-21

why would a random amazon elastic IP or a Digital Ocean one, or a Rackspace one be on those lists?

the whole point of rolling out your own vpn/smartdns is precisely that you are using ip out of the normal VPN/DNS crowd, and they dont need any fancy lists for that, they just need to lists connections from same ip ranges. after a few days, they have most of the "mass" vpn providers ip identified.

tensor (author)tensor2016-05-21

... and replying to my own comment. apparently Hulu DOES have most (all?) of commercial ip blocks blocked.

this truly goes above and beyond georestrictions. stunning. apparently i'll be canceling my hulu suscription, i am tired of jumping thru this many hoops for 2 or 3 things i can get off torrents ... another win for geofencing.

belodetech (author)tensor2016-05-21

I don't blame you - I gave up on Hulu, even though there are obscure providers out there that they still haven't blocked.

-- ab1

FernandoS100 (author)2016-04-17

Hi by the way I followed these instructions and it doesnt work.

belodetech (author)FernandoS1002016-04-17

A lot of things changed since this was written, try folloiwng:

-- ab1

tensor (author)belodetech2016-05-21

holy smokes you are the creator of the package? kudos bro.

belodetech (author)tensor2016-05-21

Thank you, I put together netfix-proxy on GitHub, using SNIProxy, BIND and Docker. I put this instructable up to get more wider distribution, but it is very much out of date now. The GitHub page is constantly updated though, so the latest instructions are there.


StephanieK16 (author)2015-11-26

Thats true, i trusted VPN but they are not worth it, except for Smartdns so go for VPN provider who give smartdns for streaming as an add on , Like PureVPN !

belodetech (author)StephanieK162016-05-21

Or VPNArea:

-- ab1

belodetech (author)2016-05-02

The new version on the GH page works by tunnelling traffic via HE tunnel, which isn't blocked by Netflix.

-- ab1

FernandoS100 (author)2016-04-17

Hi by the way I followed these instructions and it doesnt work.

belodetech (author)FernandoS1002016-04-17

You can start by reading this:

-- ab1

FernandoS100 (author)2016-04-17

Thanks for sharing this! How to do make sure your server wont be used by anybody else?

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