I always thought it would be neat to have your own "Spy" Satellite. The fact that we have our own Spy Satellites traveling around the earth just amazes me. So why not have your own? The following instructable shows you how to do just that, build your own Spy Satellite. This is Vs. 1. Oh, and did I mention this is a  "Green" project via recycling old parts? More to come on that.

The Satellite features the following:
  • A wireless camera that can transmit video/audio up to 300ft!
  • Sun tracking garden variety solar panels to recharge is batteries. 
  • Thruster to simulate a burn to position itself in the correct orbit.
  • Speaker for wake up and sleep procedures to conserve power.

Ready to build your own? Well here is how.

Step 1: Finding an enclosure

First thing you need to do is a find a suitable enclosure. I found mine at Goodwill, great place for project parts hunting. I found this great lamp that was missing the base that had everything I was looking for. The flexible neck once removed made a great hole to attached a thruster. The hole for the power cable was perfect for a programming port. And the hole for the on/off switch was a perfect fit for my wireless camera. The odds of you finding this same setup are slim so keep your mind open when looking for an enclosure. Look at things a different way, from different angles. Don't look at things for what they are but for what they could be. Do this and you'll find an enclosure in no time, or you can just build you own. ;-) Take a look at the lamp light cover. Looks like a great rocket or thruster huh?

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