video Build your own WIFI jammer
Build your own WIFI jammer using a 2.4GHz AV transmitters. In this video I will show you how you can build your own jammer to jam a WIFI connection. I will also explain how this works and the difference between jamming and interference.

Wikipedia page on jamming :

Av transmitters :

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JAVAB1 month ago
FoamboardRC9 months ago

Ok so you kind of skip electronic wiring part. Do you set each different module to a different channel? What if you set 2 modules to the same channel, would it make the wifi connection even worse?

elialpi1 year ago
I've made! IT WORKS PERFECTLY!!!! It's amazing and incredible!! I can not belive when i see the signal lost from my laptop, 2 desktop and iphone. I've tried also to some friends of mine and i've saw thet the channel most used are 3 and 4 of the little circuit board. So i want to make a little one with only 2 circuit and a little lipo 3.7 volt.....
Thanks man you are the number one!!!
Nice video, i'm gonna try and build one myself, I always used an off the shelf video transmitter as instruction material, but you can only use one of four channels. There is one thing not correct though. The jammer does not overpower the wi-fi, it just uses al the airtime.

MikB1 year ago
Same in the UK. Although it is a "de-restricted" unlicensed band, the equipment must be type approved and used correctly at appropriate radiated power.

Intentionally blocking legitimate users of the band is not legal, even if the equipment being used to do it is.
Note that in the United States this is illegal depending on your transmitter power level, or if you are interfering with a licensed radio signal (we do have licensed users in the wifi spectrum here).