Picture of Build your own bike rack!
If you've got access to a welder and some metal, then make your own bike rack, it can be a lot cheaper, and can be modified to suit your needs. Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the building process, hope you'll get the jist of how to build it and build your own. Enjoy.
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Step 1: The beginning!

Picture of The beginning!
The first step is to take measurements.

1) Measure from the rack securing tabs to however high you want the rack to sit above the wheel, mine sits about 3in above the wheel. This will be your main support.

2)Decide how long and wide you want it. Mine is about a foot long by 4in.

3)Find your materials, for the main support I used half inch square stock, originally the whole thing was made of 8th inch rod, but it was to skimpy. All the supports are 8th inch rod, and there's a piece of mesh stuff on the top to keep pack straps from flying into the wheels, Pick your materials according to what you want out of your rack, and your tools, for example if you want an extremely light rack and don't have a welder use aluminum and bolt it together. In addition you'll need a hose clamp and a couple inches of half inch flat stock, if your attaching it the way I did. And of course you'll need nuts and bolts for the tab things. Anything else you think you'll need go ahead and grab it.

2 stroke 5 years ago
 cool i will do this with my new 70 amp stick welder

im thinkin cardboard, also to work as fenders
recycled, light, free
i'd have to waterproof it though
thewetturd5 years ago
I did something similar to add a milk crate to the back of my bike and I have an important warning. I had about 4 pounds worth of stuff in the crate and that was enough to throw off the equilibrium off the bike. I fell twice, the last one, injuring my knee and almost getting run over in the process. I have been riding for about 30 years and am an avid mountain biker. I think that it is safer to either wear a small back pack or saddle bags where the weight is further down in the center of gravity. Be very careful. Good instructable though, thanks for offering it.
Ooh gonna go do this With my new welder Or might make it out of two pieces of bent aluminium